My theory that I caused Lion’s sore spot appears to be correct. I’ve wondered if I injured him with my teeth when I did my Hoover impression. Since I was sucking so hard, I think I nicked him with my tooth and caused the bruise. I can’t explain why it turned from bruise to weird white spot or why it morphed into an apparent scar. However, as I sucked him last night, Lion noticed that my tooth does occasionally hit that spot. I told him I’ll get dentures so I can gum him and we won’t have an issue in the future. (In college, my roommate used to file her teeth down. I don’t know if she had similar issues biting her partners.)

I haven’t been sucking Lion as hard. That one time was it. I’m not even sure why I did it then, but I guess it was a bad idea. He did ask me the other night to not suck as hard. I wasn’t aware I was sucking hard but I loosened up anyway. I don’t want to hurt him again.

Despite the fact that it was late (after 8:30), I was able to get Lion to the edge easily. He reset the wait time. We’re at three days today, I believe. I’m happy he was horny enough to get to the edge after only two days. That hasn’t been the case lately. When I was done with him, he was still spread eagle across the bed for a few minutes. It took him some time to catch his breath. Job well done!

Of course, I’m not sure if his horniness stems from the punishment spanking he got for forgetting to set up the coffee pot. So far he’s remembered to do it since his blunder the other day. I asked him if he was trying to avoid more swats. He is. Good boy. He seemed a little thin-skinned while I was swatting him. Maybe he needs more practice taking swats. A maintenance spanking may not do much for his mind, but I think it helps his buns remember. Perhaps we’ll have to do some experiments in that area.

Maybe I should only post when I am horny or in trouble. After all, I am a sex blogger who also practices domestic discipline. What do I have to say when I don’t want sex and I’m not getting spanked? Would the blog be more popular if I reduced my output this way?

That’s a serious question. My life isn’t all that interesting right now. A couple of years ago I learned I had cervical spinal stenosis. Disks in my neck were constricting my spine. One small “whiplash” incident could make me a quadriplegic. I was rushed into surgery to fix it.

beware of Jean-Christophe A. Leveque, MD

The surgeon refused to tell us about the recovery from this operation. Because opening up the spinal canal would allow a sudden flow of spinal fluid, my spinal cord would be shocked, much the way it feels when a clothespin is removed from a sensitive spot. It hurts more coming off than it does going on.

This sudden flow created problems for me. My balance was impaired. Right after the surgery, I could hardly move. I couldn’t even pee. I needed a catheter. I could only stand with help. It took a long time for me to learn to get around with a walker. Mrs. Lion and I had no idea this would happen.

The surgeon is a lying bastard. Despite direct questions from both of us, he covered up the seriousness of the surgery. He works at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. His last name is Leveque (Go ahead and try to sue me, you fuck!) If you are referred to him, run like a thief.

Now, two years later, I’m still impaired. Walking can be difficult for me. My balance is better, but not perfect. Literally, at the same time, I developed Glaucoma. Before it was under control I lost most of my peripheral vision. I haven’t tried driving since this happened.

None of this is intended to garner your sympathy. I have no need for that. It’s just to let you know that my ability to experience the world has constricted substantially. Fortunately, most of me works quite well.

Mrs. Lion and I have adapted and our male chastity and domestic discipline have continued unabated. We share our adventures with you. Every single sexual experience since February 2014 has been faithfully reported here. A sex researcher could have a field day with our blog.

Four sexless days

Yesterday is the fourth day since my last orgasm. Even though Mrs. Lion asks me if I am “interested in anything” every day, I have politely demurred. This isn’t deprivation, just lack of interest. I’ve been following my rules and doing my chores, so no spankings either.

Even if I made a slip, I’m not sure Mrs. Lion would punish me. My mood is too dark. I rarely remember my dreams. In the last few days, I’ve had a couple that I haven’t forgotten. Both had me doing “normal” things.

In one, I was driving through the countryside on a two-lane road. My vision was perfect and I loved driving. In my dream, I was surprised that I wasn’t on a road-racing track. I loved my times on the track. The other had me walking with Mrs. Lion through the geyser fields at Yellowstone National Park. We had done that about a decade ago.

Both dreams were rated “G”. I think they underline the contrast between my life just a couple of years ago and now. No wonder I’m sad. I decided to share this because it might give you some perspective on why, after nearly 5,000 posts, I’m having second thoughts. I know my interest in sex will return. My vision won’t.

Once I’m horny again, I will probably try to push aside the sadness in favor of our tried-and-true fun. It gets harder to push aside. Maybe I shouldn’t write until I succeed.

We are on weenie watch. The sore on my weenie looks nasty. I’m sure it’s trying to get better and sometimes sores look worse before they get better. Last night Lion wondered if he should go to the emergency room. We decided to wait until morning to see if it had improved. The thing that’s alarming us is that it’s sore to the touch. Yes, a sore should be sore, but not all sores are as sensitive as this one seems to be. The last I heard, we’re waiting another day to see if it improves.

Lion spilled some chocolate on his shirt the other night. If it doesn’t make a stain, he’s fine. This made a stain. I owe him swats. I know one side has nothing to do with the other but I feel bad spanking him when my weenie is sore. I’m too nice. I’ll have to do it tonight before too much time has passed.

He wants me to punish him for annoying me while I was in the middle of my whatever-it-was last week. I was barely functioning. Everything was bothering me. I don’t think it’s fair to punish him for anything that happened for those few days. That’s it. We’re done talking about it. If he asks me about it again, I may have no choice but to punish him for annoying me by asking.

In true can’t-keep-his-mouth-shut fashion, he reminded me in an email this morning I owe him the swats for spilling chocolate on his shirt the other day. I told him to make sure he softens up his buns for me. I don’t want him bleeding all over my paddle.

If Lion’s bruise didn’t hurt, we would definitely be resuming normal activities. I don’t see the scab is on the sore spot anymore, but even moving the skin to look at it hurts. It’s strange. I don’t remember a bruise ever hurting him this much. I’m very sure he’s not faking it. He’s horny. I know he’s getting frustrated both by not having an orgasm and by not being able to be tortured by edging. I wouldn’t equate my frustration of not being able to suck him with his frustration, but I miss doing it. There’s a perfectly good weenie going to waste.

I don’t know why he’s gotten the bruise. The sore spot happens from time to time. It’s not like he hasn’t had bruise before, but it’s unusual that it hurts this much. A normal bruise wouldn’t sidetrack us. We’d be a bit more careful so we didn’t aggravate it, but he’d be humping away. I think it’s starting to fade. Maybe we’re on the road to recovery. I’m not sure what we’d do if it doesn’t get better soon. It’s not like he’d feel comfortable going to the doctor and explaining a cage injury. I guess he could always say it was a zipper mishap. I’m pretty sure his doctor has seen weenie injuries before. It’s just embarrassing to be the one with the weenie on display. [Lion comments — The bruise may be from me inadvertently pinching myself. That could be why it is so uncomfortable; maybe a non-zipper, zipper injury.]

Lion has been a good boy lately. Although, he has been dangerously close to being a know it all. I’ll bring up something that happened at work and, before I get the whole story out there, he’s off and running toward a solution. It may be the whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus thing, but I may not be looking for a solution. Actually, the past few times, I already have the solution but he doesn’t know that because he won’t let me finish the story. Should this infraction count twice? He is interrupting before he acts like a know it all. When someone on a cop show kidnaps a person and then murders them, they get so many charges of kidnapping and so many charges of murder. If you kidnap someone once, how do you get multiple counts? Anyway, I think Lion should be punished for each infraction. One, he interrupted. Two, he was a know it all. Done.

I know I’ve been too lenient with him when he interrupts or annoys me. Now that I’m not on nervous breakdown watch, I’ll try to be more tenacious. His butt won’t thank me, but Lion will. At least the bruises will be in the right spot.