Lion came out of his office yesterday afternoon saying he felt very unsteady. He wobbled his way to the bed to rest for a while. He was concerned about not setting up the coffee pot. I told him not to worry about it. His feeling better is more important than the coffee pot. I’d be right near it while I made dinner. I could certainly do it. I thought he snoozed for a bit, but he said he just had his eyes closed. He seemed better by the time I was done with work. Not completely better, just not as bad. By dinner time, he was even better.

After dinner, he said he could set up the coffee pot if I wanted him to. I’d already done it. I give him a pass when he’s not feeling well. I’m not a monster. I don’t beat him when he’s already down. Obviously, this rule is not crucial to the survival of the species. Neither of us will die if it takes a few more minutes to set up the coffee pot in the morning. Lion doesn’t do, or not do, anything that really needs to be “fixed”. Even his rule not to interrupt isn’t a deal breaker for our marriage. It may annoy me, but I’m not going to leave him because he interrupts or acts like a know-it-all. These rules are in place to give me a reason to punish him.

I guess when you get along as well as we do, you have to set up silly rules if you want to practice domestic discipline. If he seriously annoyed me, I’d talk to him about it. I may follow it up with a spanking because that’s our arrangement, but we’d talk first. It takes a lot to seriously annoy me. I do like to point out when he’s being sort of a know-it-all. My daughter is going to be renting an apartment and when we looked at the floor plan, Lion wondered who would make the bedrooms so small. I don’t think it’s a bad apartment, especially for a first apartment, and given how many people have apartments that size for their whole lives. Then we looked at an old apartment he used to live in. The bedrooms were about the same size. He said that’s because the lot was so narrow and this had to be this way and that had to be that way. Uh-huh. Sure. And then he said her apartment is in a bad neighborhood as if that makes the bedroom size worse. Nope. Sorry, dude. That argument doesn’t fly with me. [Lion — We looked at a loft I owned in Greenwich Village. When I owned it, the bedrooms were quite large. Newer purchasers had renovated and created very small rooms.]

Anyway, Lion is feeling better and we’re off to a quick doctor’s appointment for him this afternoon. Then maybe we’ll make it to get our booster shots.


Lion has his MRI this afternoon. He says he hopes they can find his brain. I’ve been teasing him that maybe they’ll need a microscope rather than an MRI. If they find something, it may be good news if they can fix it. If they don’t find something, the question remains unanswered. Which is better? I have mixed feelings. If it can be fixed, it’s great, but what if it can’t? And if they don’t find anything we still don’t know what’s going on. Does that mean more tests? Or does he wait to see if it happens again and rush to the ER for an MRI then? Many years ago, they did an EEG to see if they could figure out my migraines. They concluded that the EEG needed to be done while I was having a migraine, but you can’t exactly schedule a migraine to coincide with the EEG. I guess I’m hoping for a discovery that is fixable.

[Lion — The problem that brought all this on was that one morning I woke up and my vision was much worse than usual. The world was dark; just shadows. I also had a hard time keeping my balance. When I had my neurologist visit, she worried that it might be an issue with blood flow to my brain. The MRIs are going to look to see if there is blood blocked or some other brain problem.]

Last night, Lion had some sort of reaction to dinner. He has it every once in a while. I think it has something to do with chicken. He thinks it’s an allergic reaction. It doesn’t happen every time he eats chicken, but he has eaten chicken when it happens. It’s weird. It left him worn out and with a sore tummy. He said I could play with my weenie, but I must have misunderstood how much he wanted me to play with it. In hindsight, he might have been okay with playing all the way. I just fondled him for a while.

He’s been making remarks about spanking lately. Perhaps it’s time for a “just because” spanking. Obviously, I couldn’t do it last night. Tonight is another night. While I have him on the spanking bench, I can evaluate using it for anal play. We won’t do any, but I can check out the lay of the land. I know his buns are accessible. I need to check out how accessible his anus is. I have a feeling it will be more than adequate. I applaud Lion for thinking of it. He may wish he hadn’t.

I didn’t write a post yesterday because I didn’t really have anything to say. Lion didn’t write one for this morning because he’s not feeling well. He’s been in bed since lunchtime yesterday. He’s weak, tired and nauseated. A few minutes ago, he woke up and was able to sit up with minimal help and put his lenses in. That’s a big step. I don’t think it’s COVID but we have tests if we need to use one.

I’ll do anything for Lion. I take care of him when he’s sick. I take care of him when he’s not sick. I just wish he could help a little more when he’s sick. I know he’s not feeling well, but the fiasco of trying to get him from the edge of the bed to the middle was like slapstick comedy. I only remember one time being so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I think it was the flu. I came home from work, fell into bed and didn’t make it back out until it was time to drag myself to work again. Being sick sucks. I just hope he feels well enough to move around better soon.

Lion had an eye doctor appointment today. I took the day off so I could get him there. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it. He can barely make it to the bathroom. There’s no way I could get him in the car. Naturally, sex is off the table. I even feel bad that he has to deal with the locking cock ring. I may take it off later. I don’t think it bothers him but it can’t help the situation.

Since he’s sick, I took care of the coffee pot. I think it was past five when he asked me if he set it up. He was considering trying to make it to the kitchen to do it. He apologized after I said he didn’t need to. He tries to follow his rules even when I suspend them. I appreciate that, but he doesn’t need to. The only thing he needs to worry about now is getting better.

I’ve been meaning to replenish our bagel supply for the past few weeks. Last weekend, I realized I could do an online order and pick it up. This appealed to me because they might be out of the flavors we like if I just went there. I finally did an online order for pickup today. We needed to get prescriptions anyway, so it was a nice outing. Now we have bagels and a loaf of challah bread to make french toast. Yum.

Lion says we haven’t been eating as well as we should. He’s craving fresh vegetables. I say he’s in the wrong season. Thankfully, grocery stores can get fresh veggies year-round. I know we’ve been eating a lot of pasta, but we’ve had salads, and we just ate beef stew with carrots and celery. I think the problem is that he doesn’t cook much anymore, and I run out of patience when it comes to cooking. It was easier when we did the meal plans. I still hated cooking them, but at least it was all laid out for me. I guess the real problem is meal planning. In short, we don’t.

I’m wondering if the lack of fresh vegetables and eating well is the thing that’s affecting Lion’s semen production. Is that possible? I think it’s possible, but is it probable? I’ll gladly cook (and eat –yuck) fresh veggies if it will restore his cream filling. Regardless, I’m sure it will make us feel better even if I don’t like eating my veggies. Ironically, as a kid, I loved spinach. Most kids don’t. However, I don’t like fresh spinach. The only vegetables I had problems with were brussels sprouts and lima beans. Guess what Lion loves. Yup. Brussels sprouts. Of course, they taste a lot better when someone other than my mother cooks them. I don’t know what she did, but they were bitter little fart balls.

For the sake of Lion feeling better, I am willing to set aside my aversion to fresh veggies. I’m hoping for increased semen production, but even if that doesn’t work, at least Lion will feel better, and he’ll be happier.