As I wrote yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well. I did the vertigo exercise and researched a little more. There’s another exercise for a different kind of vertigo. It’s similar, so maybe I’ll try that one too. I rested in bed in the afternoon and snoozed a little. It helped, but I didn’t want to take any chances by moving too much. When I hugged the dog, the room started spinning. I just have to figure out what triggers it.

This morning, so far, I’m feeling a little better. I have to return some equipment to my former employers by Wednesday. Lion has a dentist appointment tomorrow, so today looks like the day to return the equipment. One foray out into the world at a time. I just need to figure out how to manage the dizziness so I can make it to job interviews. Someone suggested motion sickness drugs. I’ll have to get some to see if they help.

Obviously, Lion did not get spanked last night. I can probably do it at some point today. I may still have to break it into two sessions. It all depends on how I feel as I swat him. Sometimes, bending over slightly makes me dizzy. Other times it doesn’t. Maybe it’s the amount I bend over. Grabbing something out of the dryer didn’t bother me but reaching into the fridge did. That suggests a slight bend is worse than a more severe angle. Weird. I do bend slightly when I swat Lion. We’ll have to try it and see if I can do it.

I may be able to manage jerking him off too. I’d much rather give him a blow job, but that might have been the thing that did me in. It might have been too much movement. That’s another reason to get rid of this dizziness. For now, the massage table might be the way to go for hand jobs.

I hate going to the doctor. I only go when something is stupidly wrong or when they insist on a visit before I can get a prescription refilled. This week, something is stupidly wrong. If it were just a cold or the flu, I wouldn’t worry about it. Since Saturday, I’ve been feeling dizzy. It’s not fall-on-your-face dizzy. It’s just I can feel the earth rotating mixed with a modicum of who’s spinning the room. It comes and goes. I can be sitting at my desk, and suddenly I get dizzy. Did I move? Nope. Alternately, I just had my head in the washing machine, looking for the last bit of laundry to put in the dryer. No dizziness. Huh? Here I am, nearly upside down and nothing. What the heck? So off I go, later on, to see a doctor.

I don’t feel bad enough not to work. I worked the whole time I had COVID. Lion thinks I should be in bed. Well, it would be comfier and warmer, but why waste perfectly good paid time off on being sick? I’m taking an hour off this afternoon for a doctor’s appointment. And I’m seriously considering taking tomorrow off. It’s just a half day. We’ll see what the doctor says. I come from a long line of you-show-up-to-work-unless-you’re-dead stock. My grandfather’s cows didn’t milk themselves.

When I walked past the spanking bench, I briefly considered moving it into its new position. Then I decided it can wait until I’m able to spank Lion. It would be silly to have it out and not make use of it. Lion has been a good boy. I think he’s only slightly annoyed me once, and I can’t even remember what he did. Obviously, there hasn’t been anything sexual going on. I thought about snuggling with him but then figured it might make the dizziness worse. Sitting still does enough of that.

I just want to get things back to normal. That’s really the only reason I’m going to the doctor.

Lion just took another COVID test. A positive result shows up fairly early. He finally tested negative. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s 100 percent better. He still can’t taste things. However, I’m positive he’s negative for COVID. Now we wait another five days to be able to go out mask free. Of course, we’d be pretty stupid to go anywhere without a mask again. We fell for it once. No more.

We’ve both been having appetite issues. We aren’t really hungry, but we know we have to eat. Since Lion can’t taste much, he doesn’t care what he eats. I decided to make hamburgers and onion rings last night. He could taste the sweetness of the onion rings, but not much else. I made BLTs for lunch. I was trying to coax his taste buds into working by giving him bacon to smell. It didn’t work very well. Maybe I should give him raisins to eat. He hates raisins, but if he can’t taste them anyway, he won’t know he hates them. Right?

We snuggled a bit last night. He said I didn’t get close enough to his fun area. I didn’t think he wanted any action. I was busy playing with the hair on his leg. I could have visited my weenie. Even if he didn’t get excited, it would have been fun. I’ll have to visit tonight.

I don’t know how long it will be before we get back in the swing of things. There’s no rush. Of course, if we exhaust ourselves trying, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I don’t think either of us would mind being tired from sex. At this point, any amount of exertion would exhaust us. Sounds good to me.

I should have known something was wrong on Sunday when I was so wiped out. My sinuses started bothering me yesterday and I had a cough because of it. Lion was having the same problem and was thinking it was allergies. By this morning, I wondered if I had COVID again. Why would I? We took the drug and the only time I went out was to pick up Chinese food and I was masked for those five minutes.

On my way to the kitchen to make breakfast, I grabbed a COVID test. You’re supposed to wait fifteen minutes for the results. In less than four I had both lines. Damn. When I brought breakfast in, I told Lion and he said he was wondering if he had it again too. Another test and he was positive. I did a televisit this morning and it turns out the protocol is no more meds for the rebound. I need to do another televisit with my own doctor to decide if I need IV Rendesivir. I hope not because that’s three days of IV drug. As long as the symptoms don’t get more severe than a cold, I’m fine with no IVs. Lion has a televisit tomorrow and we’ll know if he needs the drug.

Even though both of us were feeling somewhat under the weather, we tried to play. I sucked Lion until he said he didn’t think he’d get any further. I just like sucking him. Sure, it’s nice it I can get him all hot and bothered, but as long as it feels good for him, I’m good. Depending on how we feel tonight, we might even be able to snuggle a bit and I can fondle my weenie. I doubt it will go any further. The main thing is to be close.

For the naysayers, yes, I still believe the vaccine was worth it. Yes, it’s annoying to have this again. I just read information from the CDC that says it should resolve itself in about three days even without any more treatment. I’m just hoping Lion and I don’t wind up passing it back and forth. If that happens, we may need the other treatment.