putting on Orionmale chastity device
This is the way Mrs. Lion normally puts the device on me. She pulls my penis through the center section. Then, before she can put on the head cover, I have to pull the skin back so that just the head of my penis protrudes. I think that if too much skin remains inside the little shaft cover it pinches and causes the problems I have been having.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I have some wounds on my penis. These were caused by my Evotion Orion male chastity device. It’s not that the device doesn’t fit properly or that it is uncomfortable to wear. The problem is the way I put it on. The device has three parts: The first is the base ring which is the same as on other male chastity devices. The second is a sleeve that connects to the base ring. This is designed to hold the shaft of the penis. When the sleeve is on correctly, only the head (glans) pokes out. The third piece connects to the shaft cover and “protects” the head.

The tricky part is getting the shaft cover on correctly. Until the last time I had the device put on, Mrs. Lion would thread the head and shaft of my penis through the shaft cover. She would then lock it onto the base ring. This would leave about an inch of the shaft poking out from the front. I would then have to pull the shaft back until just the head of my penis poked out. This was a bit of work and without lube not terribly comfortable. When we used lube, it would often stay in place for more than a day.

evotion middle section
After Mrs. Lion locks the center section in place, I pull the skin back until just the head of my penis protrudes. Now it’s ready for the headpiece to be locked in place.

My bright idea was to have Mrs. Lion just move enough of my shaft through that covering so that the head was all that poked out. Then, she would lock it on to the base ring. I figured the remaining skin would stay in place inside the shaft cover. She did it and it went on well. However, inside that piece of the chastity device, the skin was vulnerable. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but some of the skin just under the head got irritated and a sore developed. Directly opposite the sore, a bruise formed. My guess is that I scraped the skin during normal wear and the bruise formed by pinching caused by bunched-up skin pressing against the plastic.

I’ve had a sore in that spot before. I suspect the device manages to irritate a bit of the skin at the very front of the shaft cover. I can’t feel any roughness there but I can see how some of that delicate skin below the head could poke out a little bit and rub. I wonder if any other men have had similar issues. Until everything heals, I’m wild. I’m also not being teased until things get better. Frustrating!

I’ll have to see if this issue repeats itself. Obviously, I’m not going to put the device on with my “new” system. We’ll go back to the old pull-the-penis-skin-back system. It’s more uncomfortable but appears to avoid these injuries. It also occurred to me that perhaps the shaft cover is a bit too short. The Evotion people stressed the importance of not specifying a device that is too long. I’m not sure it would be worth ordering a new shaft cover to test out whether or not I need more length. I don’t think I need one with more breadth. I fit nicely when Mrs. Lion puts it on.

I had a similar sore develop when I was wearing the Cherry Keeper male chastity device. It has a shelf built-in near the head designed to prevent the head of the penis from slipping back into the body of the device. It was very comfortable to wear and the shelf served its purpose. However, at one point I developed a similar sore where the shelf rubbed against the skin just under the head.

evotion orion Ring to hold penis head in place
The molded-in ring (arrow) keeps the head of my penis from moving back into the device.

The Evotion Orion doesn’t have a shelf. It has a ring at the very top of the shaft cover. It serves the same purpose as the shelf in the Cherry Keeper. Maybe this ring can irritate my tender skin. This is a difficult problem. I like having something prevent the head from slipping backward. By holding it in position, urinating is easy because my urethra is always front and center where it belongs. Even though I had my Jail Bird male chastity device shortened to just 1 inch, the head could move enough so that my urethra would end up “biting” one of the bars at the front of the cage. This resulted in a nasty spray when I went to pee.

To date, the best male chastity device I’ve tried is the Evotion Orion. Despite the fact that it has caused a couple of small injuries, it does the best job preventing erections and allowing me to use my penis normally for non-sexual activities. I plan to continue wearing it as soon as I heal.

The big news is that my reprinted Evotion Orion male chastity device arrived yesterday. Yvonne from Evotion Wearables suggested that the reprint is in black instead of the red I had before. She said that the black was actually printed in that color and was not painted or dyed like my previous Orion. The finish is incredible. It’s a very soft matte black. The texture is fine enough so it won’t irritate my sensitive skin. The matte finish looks great.

Based on her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion had definite plans for when she wanted to lock me up. I asked her to put me in as soon as it arrived so we could take some pictures. She agreed. When she had finished photographing the device locked on my penis I asked her if she wanted to unlock me until later. Unsurprisingly, she declined. No more unsupervised erections for me.

comfort and security

I mentioned before that I find the Orion to be the most comfortable male chastity device I’ve ever worn. Since the new, black cage is 3D-printed from the same file as the original, it should be exactly the same. I’m glad! I think the design of the Orion deserves a bit of discussion. It is unusual in that the entire penis isn’t encased in a cage or tube. When I first saw the device, I wondered if it might permit sexual stimulation in the open space between the shaft cover and the head cover. After all, this is extremely close to the “sweet spot” on the underside of the shaft, just below the glans.

When you put the device on, the first step is to thread cock and balls through the base ring. That’s the same as any other ball-capture device. Next, the shaft cover is threaded over the penis. Mrs. Lion pushes my cock through and then pulls the head until the shaft cover makes contact with the base ring. Before she does this, she rubs a small amount of water-based lube on the shaft. You’ll see why in a bit.

Once she has the shaft cover locked to the base ring, quite a bit of the shaft of my penis is extended past the front of the shaft cover. This has to be pulled back so that the glans sits on the front end of the shaft cover. All that shows is the glans (head of the penis). The sweet spot is safely covered by the shaft cover. The head cover is locked on over the glans. This prevents any opportunity to pull the shaft out of the front of the shaft tube.

It turns out that this male chastity device securely “protects” the penis from stimulation. The custom fit is perfect so that an erection has no chance of even starting to grow. That’s important because gentle erection suppression is the key to not being awakened by a night time woody.

I can always pee standing up!

I love the open design. Like the Jail Bird, the Orion is very easy to keep clean and odor-free. I’ve never needed it removed to shower and clean up. Whenever Mrs. Lion unlocks me, both the penis and cage are clean with no scent at all. Perfect!

Best of all, I can pee standing up with no need to adjust anything. This is critical as far as I’m concerned. The reason I can confidently do this is an excellent design. The shaft cover has a ring inside the top of it. This ring reduces the diameter of the cover. It fits nicely into the groove under the glans. It prevents the glans from “drifting” back and keeps it firmly in place. The head cover has a very nice slot in front that keeps my urethra in the clear.

As  you might guess, I’m really happy the cage is back. Now Mrs. Lion can continue her experiment to see if being locked up makes me more responsive when she wants me hard. It certainly means that I won’t be getting hard unless she makes me.

a new rule assures more spankings

My very first rule was that I would be spanked if I got food on my shirt. For more than a year now, I’ve been home and naked. That makes it impossible for me to get food on my clothes. I have been dropping some food in my lap and on my chest. I suggested that perhaps the old rule should be extended to dropping food on my chest or lap. Mrs. Lion agreed.

Now we won’t have to worry about me going too long unspanked. I am not eating that neatly lately. There’s a good chance I will be paddled several times a week. I think that there is also a chance that I will learn to stop spilling. I know that starting now I will be a lot more careful.

Our area is under a smoke advisory until early next week. This smoke is from Oregon and California. Last week was from eastern Washington. We’re surrounded. Yesterday, we ventured out into the smokiness to get things from Costco. It was pretty thick when we left and even worse by the time we got home. We removed the window fans and closed the windows. Luckily it wasn’t very hot. Our air conditioner, with the outside air closed off, kept us comfortable. Luckily, we have things we can do indoors.

Lion is still snoozing a lot. He slept while I made dinner. He’d told me earlier in the day he was horny. I guess he’s got his mojo back. Today is his twelfth day of waiting. Now that I know he wants to wait longer, I’m trying to get him more hot and bothered. I’ve been edging him mercilessly. He’s been panting and it takes him a few minutes to get himself together when I’m done with him.

Ironically, since we’ve been doing more snuggling before sex so Lion doesn’t feel like I’m rushing him, we haven’t been doing much playing. I did fig him the other night and last night I swatted his balls, but most nights he’s excited so we go for oral sex fairly quickly. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s hit his stride or if the snuggling actually works. I’m not opposed to playing. I should toss in some rope play or clothespins every so often just to keep things interesting. I know being horny doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy/doesn’t need to play.

The new cage was delivered today. I’m not sure if I should put it on him right away and leave him festering until tomorrow or if I should make him wait until after we play today. (I know, I use the word “play” in different contexts all the time.) Maybe making him wait will create anticipation. He’s been looking forward to being caged again. I guess, for now, I’ll dangle the idea of tying his balls up before oral sex. That should get his motor running. And then I’ll lock him up when I’m done with him.

My weenie will be safe inside the cage by bedtime. All tucked in, the way it should be.

[Lion comments — As soon as the cage arrived I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in. I wanted to photograph it for our posts. She hasn’t said if she will leave it on. She has the keys, so I’ll find out when she decides to take it off.]

evotion orion
This is the black Evotion Orion male chastity device. This is how mine will look when it is reprinted.

The Evotion people got back to me about replacing the dog-chewed component of my Orion male chastity device (My Evotion Dog Snack). They offered to print a new one at a reasonable cost. Since I had trouble with fading on my original device, they strongly suggested I get the jet black version. Unlike the other colors, this version is actually printed using black nylon material. It will stay the same color. They also offered to reprint (it seems so odd to refer to a solid device being “reprinted”) the entire device so that the colors would match.

I’m in love with the matte black finish. I think it has a macho, industrial feel to it. I’m especially impressed by how understanding Yvonne at Evotion has been. It’s clear that she is very sensitive to how I feel about my chastity device. That means a lot to me. Aside from being cool looking, the black Orion resolves the details of the design even better than the red one I had before.

Even before the dog ate my chastity device, I had decided that for me the Orion is absolutely perfect in terms of comfort and function. Unlike other devices I have worn, including the Jail Bird, the longer it stayed on the happier I became with it. Because it’s made from medical-grade nylon, it’s very light. A good deal of the time I’m unaware that it’s even there. Because of the design, I can hardly feel pressure when I attempt to get erect. Everything stays very well contained and comfortable. That means my sleep is never interrupted by the chastity device.

My pet peeve with wearing a cage is difficulty with peeing standing up. The head of my penis can move inside of the Jail Bird cage, for example.  My urethra can be partially blocked by one of the bars. That means that urine sprays everywhere unless I use a Q-tip to push the head back into position. That is a real annoyance for me. I had similar problems with every other chastity device I’ve tried. I know other men do as well. Many just end up sitting down to urinate.

lion's penis head
Center section “locks” into the groove under the head.

My urethra stays centered and in place when I wear the Orion. I don’t have to think about it at all when I need to go to the bathroom. I haven’t had a single problem urinating standing up while wearing it. I consider that amazing. There is a good reason it works so well. Inside the center section, there is a circular ring at the very front. When the devices put on, I pull the shaft back until the head of my penis (glans) is just poking out from that section. The ring seats itself in the depression between the head of my penis and the shaft. The third piece of the device covers the tip of my penis. Because of that ring inside the center section, the head of my penis cannot move back. It’s locked into position. That means it’s always correctly centered. How cool is that?

The “ring” at the front of the center section fits into the groove just behind the head of the penis. This effectively locks it into position.

Obviously, measuring correctly is important for this device to work well. The Evotion website gives you all the information you need to correctly measure. The measuring process is very different than it is for other devices. Length measurements are done along the top of the shaft. This makes it much easier to get things right. It’s absolutely critical to get each measurement as perfect as you can. My device fits like a second skin.

It took me a while to get used to the way it looks. There is a gap between the center section and the tip. A small amount of skin is visible. This is the bottom of the head. It’s not particularly erotic and useless in terms of trying to cheat. It just looked a little bit weird because I was used to wearing devices that completely covered my penis.

I really like wearing this device. I miss it. For the moment, Mrs. Lion is letting me remain wild. I could end up in my Jail Bird temporarily until the replacement Orion gets here. I don’t look forward to the Russian roulette game of urinating while wearing it. I’m completely spoiled after wearing my Evotion Orion. I can’t wait until my replacement arrives.