We had a late lunch yesterday, and then we took the car for an oil change. My stomach was complaining before we left and complained even more after we got home. I suggested quesadillas for dinner even though I wasn’t sure my stomach could handle it, and I wasn’t very hungry. We both took pretty long naps and, since Lion’s tummy was unsettled too, we had egg noodles for dinner. It was after 8 before the noodles were ready.

Between the late hour, my stomach hurting, and my being tired, I told Lion I needed a pass on festivities. I think he was ready, willing, and able. I was not. The puppy woke me up at 4 this morning, so I’m not feeling all that energetic today either. However, I am determined to be ready for adventure tonight. As I recall, we’re back to oral stimulation. Yum! Even if he doesn’t have an orgasm (he won’t), I still like the taste of my weenie. I know, there’s not much taste unless there’s pre-cum. I just like having it in my mouth. If you ask me, that’s where the real power comes into play.

Think about it. He may have a big, powerful hardon, but he’s vulnerable. I’ve got his manhood in a potentially dangerous spot. I can bite or suck or lick to my heart’s desire. You can’t tell me it won’t hurt if I chomp down. I nibble him sometimes, but I’ve never bitten him on purpose. Mostly I suck or lick. I’m very nice to him, even if I do leave him frustrated most of the time. Poor Lion. Isn’t that what he signed up for?

Even though he doesn’t have a piece of metal guarding his fun zone, we still practice male chastity. He can’t come until I say he can. Of course, he could resist coming when I want him to come. I don’t think he’s ever purposely stopped an orgasm. Usually, I get him right to the edge as many times as I can and make him sweat. Then I stop everything and tell him it’s not his night. He may pretend to grumble. He may tell me how mean I am to leave him hanging. He may tell me he’s still interested, and I can finish the job, but he has no real say in the matter. I still have the power of the key even when the key doesn’t have anything to unlock.

Since February 2020, over 90 percent of my orgasms were in Mrs. Lion’s mouth. This is an astounding change from the past. Before then, over 90 percent were handjobs. This change is also true of non-orgasmic teasing sessions. Mrs. Lion uses her mouth almost exclusively for them too. For the record, my last vaginal encounter was in March of 2018.

I’m not complaining. What guy turns down a blow job? The change is due to two related issues: Mrs. Lion’s shoulder has been hurting when she tries to jerk me off, and I haven’t been successful in getting to the edge when she uses her hand. The solution was to change up and use her mouth. She doesn’t mind. I will never understand it, but she likes the taste of my semen. A blow job gives her the freshest delivery.

On Wednesday night Mrs. Lion played with my penis. She used her hand with the masturbatory moves I like. I was hard almost instantly. I was having a very good time when she stopped. Bummer. This is very unusual for me. Maybe it was because I had been waiting ten days, and Mrs. Lion was too tired to tease me for more than half of them. Or, it could be that I’m getting resensitized to manual stimulation.

That would be an interesting development. Is it possible that I want the change to Mrs. Lion’s hand after months and months of blow jobs? I don’t know. I’m not going to get carried away. Let’s leave it with my extreme pleasure at the way I was handled. It was a surprising change of pace. I liked it!

We still seem stuck in a pattern where sexual/BDSM activity starts after all other stuff has been done. No wonder we are tired at playtime. Mrs. Lion wrote that she was going to slot me in earlier. Eleven-week-old puppy torpedos her efforts. The same tiredness has kept me off the spanking bench as well. I’m not complaining about that, of course, but it isn’t good for that activity to slip as well.

Mrs. Lion suggested that maybe we have a mild case of COVID. We are both fully vaccinated, but we can’t explain why we are so tired. I doubt that we are sick. There are no other symptoms. It could be that interrupted sleep and a rambunctious puppy are to blame. We agree that we have to push through and get things back on track.

If Mrs. Lion continues to have success with her hand and her shoulder doesn’t start aching, I wonder if she will start mixing things up and using her hand instead of her mouth. I love any attention she gives me.  Well, almost any attention.

We use Alexa to set timers for Lion’s eye drops. Sometimes she says she sets the timer, but then it never goes off. We also use Alexa to time spanking. Luckily she always goes off then. I think it may be an issue with subsequent timers. She rarely misses the first one. I decided to use Alexa for the edging timer. She cheats.

First of all, we played earlier in the day. It may only have been by an hour, but it was earlier. I started with a dildo. It was a big dildo, but I thought I would make him nervous after he questioned how I could continue playing with him if I don’t get turned on by it. I didn’t really think it would go in, at least not very far. When he suggested a smaller dildo, I found one and got that one in quite far. We haven’t done any anal activity in a long time, so I knew we wouldn’t get very far, but I wanted to try to get Lion more turned on. He also seemed excited by the timer idea.

I made sure Lion was well on the way to being hard before I set a five-minute timer. I wondered if Lion would think ten minutes of sucking would feel longer than ten minutes of spanking. We’ll never know. Alexa went off after five minutes. I continued to suck and set her for five more minutes. I was wondering if Lion would make it to the edge or not. He didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then, every so often, he made a little noise that seemed like he might. Of course, there was no reason I couldn’t set another timer if he didn’t get there in the allotted time.

It became clear that he was getting somewhere. His noises increased, and soon I had my cream filling. The odd thing was that he wasn’t all that hard when he came, and it didn’t seem to be a big one even though there was a lot of semen. There really doesn’t seem to be any correlation between how long he waits, how big an orgasm it is, and how much semen comes out. The timer hadn’t gone off, so I thought he’d gotten there before the five-minute mark. A few minutes later, I asked Lion if he had stopped the time after we were done. He hadn’t. There was no timer set. Alexa had cheated so he could have his orgasm.

I just know the two of them are working together. Be wary of artificial intelligence. Just sayin’.

Wishful thinking, but I thought it was Friday. I’m so tired. I want to say I’ll be able to rest this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be doing more fencing. The Houdini dog climbed through the lilac bush and got out yesterday. It’s not like it’s a waste. She needs more room to run. I have to figure out exactly how to do an effective fence that doesn’t cost too much.

Even with all the reconfiguring of the current fence and assorted other chores, I still had the energy to play with Lion. We didn’t get very far, but I tried. He says he’s stuck. I’m using all the tricks I know to help. Good thing I’m persistent. I may have to give up each night, but I come back for more the next night or a few nights later. Eventually, I will prevail. Lion will have an orgasm, and we will continue as before.

Sometimes Lion sabotages himself by worrying about things he can’t necessarily control. He worries about his job. He worries that I’ll get tired of him. He worries that he’s selfish. Now I’m sure he’s worried about the puppy. She is a handful. I’m not sure if he’s worrying now. I mean, I know he’s worrying. I don’t know if that’s what’s keeping him from getting to the edge and beyond.

Regardless of the reason, I’ll continue to give him every opportunity to get to the edge. Whether I let him have an orgasm or not is another matter. We can’t cross the finish line if we can’t get the car started.