The other day Lion wrote a post about anal play. He said he thought I liked anal sex too. As a matter of fact, our first sexual encounter was anal sex. I think the next one was too. Once Lion introduced BDSM the anal sex, for me, tapered off. When we got together, I’d spank him or tie up his balls or similar things, then I’d ride him for my own orgasm and either a hand job or blow job for him. I can’t exactly say I miss the anal sex. What I do miss is Lion’s ability to do anything but have sex on his back.

Unfortunately, and without meaning to, apparently I conditioned him to be unable to be on top. It’s true that I’ve usually had better/more orgasms while I’m on top, but variety is the spice of life. Many years ago, I liked the occasional pounding without expectation of having an orgasm. It felt good even if it didn’t feel good enough, if that makes any sense. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like reverse cowgirl. I know it probably won’t produce an orgasm, and I’m not really looking for one, but it feels good and I love having Lion come inside me.

I am absolutely not saying Lion’s conditioning is the reason I don’t want sex. His post just reminded me that we used to have anal sex sometimes and that led to thinking about his conditioning. I still have no idea why I don’t want sex. Ironically, this morning Lion asked if I thought his licking me would make me feel better. Better than what, I don’t know. I don’t necessarily see licking as a potential cure for anything other than horniness, but we can do it. I have no doubt it will feel good. I just worry about hurting his shoulder, which was diagnosed this morning as a torn rotator cuff.

Before he suggested licking me, I told him I could make him feel better with a blow job. The diagnosis is pretty depressing and I owe him a blow job to get my average up anyway. Not that I wouldn’t give him one just for the heck of it. I know he loves a good blow job. He may even like a bad blow job although I’d never give him one on purpose. At the very least, he’ll get his blow job tonight. Anything else is frosting on the cake.

[Lion — I completely forgot that our first encounters were anal. I don’t know why they were. I’ll have to ask Mrs. Lion.]

Lion’s butt was even more bruised after last night’s spanking. I was trying to avoid a spot he said was sore and I wound up bruising him toward the bottom of his cheek, onto his upper thigh. I wasn’t sure it would be visible in the picture I took but it was. I think it’s the right call to do the swats every other day rather than the suggested every day. Lion needs a little time to recover. Although, when I started spanking him Friday night, he still had the remnants of a bruise. It was yellowish so I knew it was almost gone. I’ll check him again for bruises before I swat him tomorrow. I don’t want to add bruises on top of bruises. That’s not safe. I could do damage if I don’t allow the area to recuperate.

Earlier in the day, Lion said he was horny. After a good beating he still was. I promise I set off to edge him. The plan was to edge him multiple times and then lock him up again. Unfortunately, I went too far. He had another ruined orgasm and he wasn’t able to have multiple ruined orgasms again. I’m starting to think it’s not possible. I don’t know if Lion just doesn’t work that way or if age is a factor. I suppose it could also have something to do with lack of play other than spanking, which isn’t really play. Perhaps I’d need to get Lion very horny in order for it to work. I just don’t know.

The other day I said the goal is to get Lion to take 300 swats with no break. I don’t think that’s realistic. Not only for him, but for me either. I think the reason this experiment is working so well is that I get the same breaks Lion gets. It’s true, I’m not trying to compose myself after receiving hard swats, but I am not in shape. I can’t deliver very many swats at a time. We’re both working our way up to 300 swats. Actually, I think Lion can probably take 100-150 swats non-stop. Eventually. The trick is going to be whether or not I can deliver them. I’m sure it will take us a long time to get to that point anyway. We may decide to scrap the experiment before we get there. We might find something else that sounds better. We’re always amending things. It’s what we do.

I think, and Lion probably agrees, that he would benefit from a maintenance spanking. It’s been over two weeks since he’s gotten himself into any trouble. Sure he’s interrupted a few times and he sometimes steamrolls over my ideas, but I haven’t punished him. And this wouldn’t be a punishment spanking anyway. Just a tune-up. For both of us.

You know, if you don’t exercise you’ll never get in shape. (I don’t normally exercise. My shape is round.) Lion needs to learn how to take a punishment-type spanking just as I need to learn to give them. I’ll be exercising my arms. I need to build up my spanking muscles. Lion needs to work on taking painful swats while staying still. It’s a challenge for both of us.

I could help Lion if I tied him to the bed, but I think it’s important that he learn to stay still. What if restraints are not available where I want to spank him? I can’t have him flailing all over the place. If I’m in mid-swing and he’s moving, he could get swatted where I don’t intend. It’s happened before. If I do get to a level where I could really hurt him, those errant swats could be bad news.

Maybe maintenance spanking is the wrong thing to call it. Maybe it’s really training spanking. I guess it doesn’t really matter what it’s called. The concept is the same. We need practice. Aside from my whomping a pillow or finding a spanking machine for Lion, it’s the best solution we have.

I don’t think Lion will mind being spanked. At least the idea of being spanked. Once his butt is rosy he’ll change his mind but by then it’s too late.

Lion barbecuing naked
Nudity at home extends to our deck. Here I am smoking some ribs.

We’ve both written about rules I follow. One rule, my first, goes back fifteen years. That one is simple: no clothes in the house. If I am cold, I can wear a t-shirt, but that’s it.The rule applies at home, in hotels, anywhere I go when not exposed to the public. Obedience at this point, is automatic. I have no idea what I would wear indoors, if allowed.

I started thinking about this the other day. It isn’t a matter of staying in my “street clothes”. We both like to lie on the bed to watch TV. I am in no danger of getting outside cooties on any furniture since my I shed my clothes as soon as I get home. We aren’t very social, but on the rare occasions we have visitors, I put on my underpants, jeans, and a shirt. I suppose I could keep a “clean” pair of jeans to wear in the house. So, my arrival-at-home routine could be to shed my outside jeans, shirt, and socks and replace them with the home-only clothing.

Of course, that’s not reality. My at-home uniform is my clean skin. Any pants are “bus pants”. In case that reference isn’t familiar, Sheldon Cooper on the “Big Bang Theory” (CBS, Thursday nights), puts pants on over his regular pants when he has to ride public transportation. He calls these bus pants. In my case, bus pants are any pants.

Apparently, constant exposure to my nudity has affected Mrs. Lion. She spends most of her time when she is home wearing nothing or a pair of panties and a t-shirt. She used to wear her jeans and a t-shirt when at home. I asked her about this. She seemed a little surprised at my question. Her answer was simply that it is more comfortable.

I like contrasts. I liked that I was naked and she was dressed. It’s no big deal; just  a surprise when I think about the change. One contrast that happily remains is that I have no pubic hair and Mrs. Lion is untrimmed. She doesn’t have a big bush and we both appreciate her attractive, natural look.

My lack of pubic hair predates Mrs. Lion by many years. At the very beginning of my BDSM experience, a girlfriend and I tried switching. When I was bottoming, she shaved my pubes and butt. She wanted to do my armpits too, but I demurred. Since then, I remained sans-pubic hair. Mrs. Lion continues to keep me bare. Even during my many years as a top, I’ve kept that hair off. Like nudity at home, it’s just part of me.

Nudity and naked pubes are both good examples of conditioning. Consistent maintenance of a behavior will, eventually turn into unconscious parts of the person being conditioned. I don’t know how much time it took for me to be strongly conditioned. I imagine it took less than a year; probably a lot less. It’s more mysterious how long it took Mrs. Lion to be conditioned too. She had no one to demand her clothes come off and stay off when returning home. But, she consistently does it.

I like the idea of being conditioned. It’s the ultimate form of domination and obedience. The desired behavior is enforced with encouragement and punishments for failing to obey. After a while, it just happens. Save the posts I’ve written while at work (not that many), I’m completely naked when I write. And, for that matter, cook, clean, read, and watch TV. Whether I am here at home or in our camper or a hotel room, I’m bare. For me, any pants are bus pants.