Enforced chastity doesn’t have to be a long-term kink. The famous CB2000, the forerunner of the popular CB6000 chastity device, was invented for weekend chastity play. At the time of its invention (the mid-1990’s) the chastity device market was mostly belts or uncomfortable tubes. Any quality device was custom made; expensive and with long lead time before delivery. The inventor of the CB device, decided to make his own. He also figured out a way to make it “adjustable”. Essentially, it was one size fits all.

Now, there are other chastity “kits” that contain multiple base rings and spacers. More common are off-the-shelf devices that allow you to specify base ring size and then mate it with a cage that is offered in several lengths and widths. This is perfectly adequate for short term wear. A very large range of chastity devices is available at dhgate.com. Many of these are cheap enough to be used once or twice and discarded. They offer an opportunity to try enforced male chastity before committing more than a few bucks.

Almost everything you find on the Internet talks, including this blog, talks about long term enforced male chastity. I’ve been practicing for almost five years. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities to play with this kink.

The entire point of it is male sexual surrender. By wearing a chastity device and giving someone the only key to the lock, you effectively hand that person your ability to use your penis for anything but peeing. You can’t get hard. You can’t ejaculate. Sex is completely under the control of the keyholder. I find that a very exciting idea.

Many guys would like to experience this but aren’t prepared to make their surrender permanent. That’s fine. Enforced male chastity is a fun form of sexual bondage. Lock up your cock and then “earn” the ability to get off. Lots of possibilities must come to mind. A couple could spend a very fun weekend with the caged male earning his ability to get hard and come.

You don’t have to be caged for years. You don’t have to become a sexual slave. You can just get an inexpensive chastity device and add it to your toybag. She can lock it on when you get home from work on Friday and tease  you until Sunday nght, when, if you’re a good boy, she unlocks you and lets you come.

It never has to go any further than that. Just because some of us are under permanent control, doesn’t mean you can’t use the same stuff to spice up your sex life. Have fun!

I’ve been thinking of something for a while. Actually it’s only when I brush my teeth. That’s when I see the collection of nail polish. About a week or so ago I thought maybe it’s time Lion had pretty toes again. And then I finish brushing my teeth and the idea is gone. Until the next time I brush my teeth.

In all fairness, we’ve both been sick and painting his toe nails wouldn’t have been the best idea. It wouldn’t give him the sense that he belonged to me. He probably would have thought, “Great. I’m going to die from this cold and I’ll have pink toes.” Now that our colds are almost gone he won’t be so worried about dying with pink toes. He’ll still hate the pink toes though. But that sounds like a personal problem to me.

A similar personal problem would be if I made him wear panties again. Pink toes and pink panties? Mortifying! He’d put up with it. He has no choice. But he will not be happy. All the more reason I should do it. We need something to snap us out of our sickness. Why not pink toes and pink panties? Perfect for spring.

Yup. That’s my plan. He may not be caged at the moment but he’ll be pretty in pink. I’m sure he’d rather be caged. Too bad. It’s not up to him. When I get home I’ll paint his little piggies and select a nice pink pair of panties for him to wear tomorrow. And if he doesn’t have pink panties I’ll find something to match the nail polish we have. Don’t worry, Lion. I’m sure we can find a nice pairing.

When Lion read my post yesterday he responded by saying he didn’t know about an indefinite wait. I never said he’d have an indefinite wait. It’s just an experiment to see 1) if he ever begins to lose interest and 2) if he can regain interest after he loses it. Since his longest wait was 21 days I figured maybe we’d have to go beyond that but what if he doesn’t lose interest at the 28 day mark? I’ve been assuming he will lose interest at some point. What if that’s not true? Do we keep going?

I don’t think so. We’ve never been all about wait times. There’s no way Lion wants to go a month, a year, a decade without an orgasm. If that’s your thing then more power to you. It’s not our thing. Right now I’m committed to 21 days. Once we reach that we can decide if we want to continue or not. This is all assuming I don’t go too far when I edge him.

It’s just an experiment. I have an idea I’d like to prove or disprove. We can call it off at any time. I’d like to see what happens but it may get to be too much. There’s a lot of pressure on me to get the edging just right so I don’t go too far. There’s a lot of pressure on Lion to almost-but-not-quite come. Over and over again. It’s true we both have fun doing it but it can get too intense over the course of three or four weeks.

Lion can get grumbly. I have ways to deal with that. A few punishments and he’ll figure out he shouldn’t be so grumbly. It’s all part of the game. Right now the game also includes a wait of 21 days. Maybe more. We’ll see.

Lion and I did minimal snuggling last night. We were both too tired to do much of anything. We were like zombies. Luckily, we both got decent sleep and woke up with a better outlook on life in general.

Tonight we’re planning on playing Zapardy! again. Lion did well last time. Only three zaps.This time he wants to be able to wager on Daily Doubles. I’ll take Composers for three zaps, Alex. He might wind up with no zaps at all. That’s fine. It’s just fun to play.

I was thinking about how lenient I was the other day when I owed Lion some swats and I allowed him to talk me out of giving them to him. Then the thought occurred to me that he may not have reminded me of punishment night on Monday. Hmmm. Have I been that lax? I guess so. That will have to change.

And it’s been a while since we’ve used any menthol rub. I think I may have to rectify that situation. Tonight might be a menthol night. At the very least it will be a play night. Lion will be happy. Maybe not at that particular moment, of course. It all depends what I do to him.

See what a few good hours of sleep can do? Even though I may have been in a worse mood last night, 2.0 was nowhere to be found. Now that I’m rested she’s knocking on the door. Poor Lion.