I admit that before I started writing this blog, I never read other bloggers. The reason was that I didn’t understand what I was reading. The websites I usually read were about specific topics. Articles began and ended. If I wanted to learn about sous vide cooking, I found material that explained what I wanted to know. On the other hand, Blogs seemed to expect that I had been reading posts for a while. The writers seemed to have less direction.

My decision to write The Male Chastity Journal was to let me provide information (see top menu) and journal my sexual adventures. I figured the informational pages would attract readers. I had no idea whether or not people would read the blog posts. Now, in our ninth year, I know. People read both. I suspect that the people who read the articles are different from folks reading our posts. I find myself avidly reading blogs that appeal to me.

What I needed to know before I began blogging is that bloggers have endless reasons they take the time to post. Creating and maintaining a good blog requires a lot of work. It’s not just about creating an online diary. Web design and site maintenance are tasks a blogger faces. It’s true that there are ISPs who do most of that work, but a really good blog is very individual and requires technical ability to make it work.

One assumption I made when Mrs. Lion and I started was that we would go back to review our past. I thought the blog would be a useful reference for us. I was wrong. Neither of us reads earlier posts. We always read current posts, but we don’t go back in time. I thought the ability to see our progress would be very useful. It isn’t. I should have realized that we are recording our lives. Our memories provide all the rewinding we need.

I also assumed that our readers were looking for insights that would help them explore their own kinks. I went out of my way to try to provide instructions. It seems that was a useful choice. What surprises me is that our regular readers enjoy hearing about our day-to-day adventures, even if they are completely off-topic.

Go figure.

Whether or not Mrs. Lion and I read back, we have provided a record of our lives since January 2014. Every single orgasm either of us has experienced is documented. Life events, good and bad, are also in our posts. We’ve strayed wildly. I suppose we would have more readers if we stuck to male submission and orgasm control. We consistently practice both. However, those practices don’t consume us. They are part of our marriage.

Our kinks don’t consume us. We don’t spend our days and nights in heat. Yes, I get spanked. The paddles come out quite often. When they do, I suffer a ten or fifteen-minute spanking. Then it’s over. It’s the same with sex. Mrs. Lion may spend a half-hour edging me. She may shove things up my ass and do other BDSM things to me. When she is done, it leaves 23 1/2 hours to fill with other stuff.

We spend that time doing what vanilla people do. We work and play in non-sexual ways. Surprised? Of course not! Our posts tend to center on the kinky, sexy stuff. That’s our charter. I think that once in a while, we need to remind our readers that we aren’t all about sex and paddles. I’m trying to write a novel. Mrs. Lion goes to work every morning. We have a young puppy who draws blood a lot more often than Mrs. Lion. We laugh and snuggle. We watch TV. And we keep you in the loop. That’s what makes this a blog and not another kind of website.

A fellow blogger just got shut down without warning by WordPress.com. This is a service that offers free and paid blog publishing. It is one of the most popular in the world and also right-wing and anti-sex. Our friend Michael from collaredmichael.com found himself cut off with a nasty message replacing his blog.

Our blog was hosted there, too, for a year. It wasn’t cheap. To support our audience and technical needs, we paid $300 a year. We got a couple of warning emails about content. I decided that enough was enough and moved us to a much cheaper and friendlier host.

If you want to start a blog,  you can do it for free at wordpress.com. You will also have to deal with censorship and advertising on your site. Blogger.com is the granddaddy of free blog sites. Google owns it. A couple of years ago, Google announced it would not allow adult sites on blogger.com. After a huge outcry on social media, they rescinded that. Some of my favorite blogs are on that service.

After a lot of trial and error, our choice for a host is namecheap.com. This company has been our domain registrar for years. They are staunch defenders of privacy (beware of Godaddy, releasing domain information to the government). They also offer EasyWP, which automatically builds you a WordPress site without the hassle of wordpress.com nanny interference. It’s not free, but it is very cheap.

Setting up a blog is a few clicks away with them. You are reading our site via their EasyWP service. It lets me do the technical tweaks that I need and build a site without any technical knowledge. They also have superb technical support.

If  you have something to say and want to join the blogging world, that’s my two-cents worth. Good luck!

dog update

Our sweet golden retriever has been going downhill. She stopped eating much food about a week ago. That tapered off until she stopped eating entirely last Thursday. We took her to the local vet on Friday. It was clear she was in pain. They gave her a shot of pain meds and sent us home. Since she stopped eating, she couldn’t take her seizure and pain pills. She stopped drinking on Friday too.

We tried to make an appointment at an emergency hospital. It is the same place her regular neurologist sees her. They told us they had no capacity. Saturday night, she had a big seizure. Sunday morning, we called again. We were more insistent. The hospital tech said that they could see her only as an outpatient. At least that’s something. We took her, and the vets there decided she needed a feeding tube, blood tests, and treatment for her seizures and pain (Finally!). They also admitted her as an inpatient for 2 to 3 days.

We are very lucky that we have pet medical insurance. It covers 90% of medical costs. The hospital estimates it will cost $4-$6,000 for this stay. I am very happy we bought that insurance. The hospital called the insurance company (Trupanion), and they instantly approved covering the costs. Our real concern is if they can make our pup comfortable and find a way to help her. She’s only nine years old and an important part of our lives. Most of all, we want her to be happy and pain-free.

I don’t understand why so few couples write blogs. Every blog I read is authored by either a man or a woman. One blog, now very inactive, occasionally featured a post by the husband of a dominant woman. I know that some couples maintain private blogs where they exchange feelings and wishes. I wonder why they don’t want to share?

It’s a happy accident that Mrs. Lion is a closet journalist. When I started The Journal, she readily agreed to post along with me. My idea was to make the blog a real journal that chronicled our sex life. When Mrs. Lion agreed to write daily posts, I was delighted. She would not only keep me honest but would also add her distinctly female perspective.

She says her job is to report the news. Her posts tend to focus on a combination of reporting and forecasting my sex life. More often than not, you learn about her plans for me at the same time I do. I sometimes comment on the same events. While we don’t often contradict one another, sometimes we see things differently.

Sometimes we use The Journal the way I imagine couples use their private blogs. We provide feedback and express our feelings about how things are going. We also use email as well. As I wrote in my post yesterday, there isn’t much verbal conversation between us. I hope we can fix that. After all, if we can write it, we can say it. Right?

There are times I think that it might be good if I don’t read Mrs. Lion’s posts. She frequently tips her hand at what’s in store for me. In one sense, that’s good. It gives me time to anticipate what fate is in store for me. In another, there are no real surprises. You might be thinking that Mrs. Lion can keep secrets by not posting her intentions. That’s true, of course, but when she doesn’t state her plans, she will often not actually execute them. In a way, the blog keeps her honest too.

Mrs. Lion has made significant progress as a spanker! Left is her handiwork in January 2020. The image on the right is my poor bottom in April 2021.

We frequently publish pictures of me illustrating the results of spankings, modeling of chastity devices, and “wearing” other toys. I sometimes joke that more people have seen my cock and ass than most porn stars. The pictures are also helpful for me. Since they appear in dated posts, I can see the progress, or lack of it, I have made. Certainly, they show how Mrs. Lion has become much more effective as a spanker.

Our blog uncommon both in the sheer number of posts and the consistent posting by both partners in an FLR/DD marriage. We’re both grateful you take the time to keep up with our lives.

Thanks to Hulu and other streaming services, it’s possible to go back and watch TV series from the beginning. We’ve been doing this with some of our favorites. One of the longest-running TV shows is “Law and Order SVU.” We’ve watched it steadily over the years. We went back and watched the show from the beginning. Holy shit! The first two seasons are amazing. The stories are incredible. The acting is wonderful. As time went by, the scripts became less and less exciting. The actors often phoned in their roles. Don’t get me wrong. The shows are still good. But they are mere shadows of the earlier episodes. I suppose every series eventually jumps the shark.*

We are less than 100 posts from our 5,000th. I wonder if we aren’t also fading away. Our lives aren’t filled with dramatic new episodes every day. Our posts often cover ground we wrote about in the past. Very few blogs have this many posts. Mrs. Lion and I are aware that our content is relatively tame compared with our writing several years ago. Maybe we should retire or perhaps write less.

We’ve discussed our options. Both of us still want to write nearly every day. It adds something to our lives when we share in real-time. Unlike some other bloggers, we don’t analyze reader statistics to determine which topics draw the most readers. I note how many people visit our site. That number varies within a fairly small range. Lately, it appears that spanking posts draw more visitors. In the past, chastity and sex seemed to be our main attraction.

Since we have nothing to sell other than my book, it doesn’t matter how many people visit. I value the comments and mentions on other blogs the most. I’ve learned from readers. When you take the time to talk to us, there is a real sense of satisfaction. A few people comment on every post. While we don’t respond to everyone, we both appreciate the insights we get.

If there is value in what we write,  I think it is the chance to follow us as we evolve in our particular kinks. Since we write daily, watching us make mistakes, learn lessons, and grow as a couple is possible. It also gives us a chance to share what we have learned. It isn’t that we have found the ideal path to happiness. We’re happy together. We were before we started and I hope that we stay this way for life.

I’m not sure how we will mark our 5,000th post. It is a major milestone in the world of blogging. It’s also notable in that it represents nearly eight years of our sexual history. Our every orgasm, spanking, and sexual activity is documented here. Nothing has been omitted. We’ve documented all of our failures and frustrations as well as triumphs and joys. This is unique.

I think the most interesting aspect of all this blogging is the ability to watch our evolution. We’ve gone from barely-felt spankings to true adult discipline. I’ve been trained to wait as long as Mrs. Lion wants until I get to ejaculate. She has full control. We are a male chastity poster couple. Mrs. Lion has evolved into a disciplinary wife who delivers domestic discipline. Over the last couple of months, I’ve sometimes written my daily posts while sitting on a sore bottom.

We decided to add male chastity and domestic discipline to our marriage. We also decided to create a blog to document our progress. I’m very proud to say that we have done that. We face significant obstacles, and we have worked hard to overcome them. I hope our blog hasn’t jumped the shark. We have a lot more living to do.

*Jump the shark is an expression that refers to the point in a television show’s history when it loses its way. The expression comes from an episode of “Happy Days” when the Fonz does a water-ski jump over a shark. The series never recovered after that episode.