Last night, as part of his anal training, I decided to use Lion’s Clone-A-Willie double. It was our first attempt at molding his weenie and, as you may recall, it created a perfect likeness of his not-quite fully erect penis. We have not made a second attempt yet. However, I thought it would be a good way to restart his training.

Earlier in the day I put the clone on his nightstand. I knew he saw it but made no mention of it. When we were about to use it, though, he said looking at it made him feel inadequate. I told him it looked exactly like his teenie weenie (not his fully confident weenie) and to prove it I put it in my mouth. Yuck! The real thing tastes much better. Foul taste notwithstanding, and despite the fact that Lion has softer skin than the silicone dildo portrays, it was just like having him in my mouth. That was very cool to me. I did not make Lion put it in his mouth although that is a possibility at some point in the future.

I knew he would be able to handle it. I’ve shoved much thicker things in there. I was more interested in how he would feel knowing that it was his cock penetrating him. I let him get used to it for about ten minutes before I started pegging him. Since we haven’t done much anal play lately I didn’t want to make him too sore so this session was fairly short. He said it felt ok. If he is anything like me, ok means it’s fine because he can stand it for as long as it takes. If I had done it too long I’m sure he would not have been ok. He said it was interesting to feel the texture of his cock inside him. Most of the dildos we use are smooth. His clone has his veins and the nature of the do-it-yourself kit leaves more of a rough surface.

When I was done pegging him I edged him a few times. Eventually he produced some pre-cum. I love the taste of him so I started licking him and then that led to sucking him. I had to force myself to stop. If I didn’t I would have had to make him come. He said he could have lived with it. What a guy! Always willing to have an extra orgasm to please me. No, my Lion will be getting his sanctioned orgasm today as promised. He’ll be in his sling, subjected to some more anal training. He might even have his orgasm while I peg him with his likeness. If I can get the thrusts coordinated, it will truly be like he is screwing himself.

chrome butt plug
This is the heavy, chrome-plated plug Mrs. Lion used on me last night. It weighs more than a pound.

(Wednesday, July 30 2014) Last night Mrs. Lion continued my anal training. This time she used a very heavy chrome-plated butt plug. She said it was no wider (diameter) than the Njoy plug I have been wearing. We had some problem getting it in. It was because I was lying down flat on my stomach. The wide base of the plug was blocked by my cheeks. Next time I will be on my knees with my head on the bed. That should clear the way.

Anal training is one activity that requires consistency. Many people think that inserting larger and larger objects stretches the sphincters. Actually it doesn’t. Our assholes are remarkable. They have the ability to open much wider than we can imagine. The reason training is necessary is that in order for objects to get in (or out, for that matter), the muscles must relax. These muscles are normally contracted, sealing things in. Accepting anal penetration requires these muscles to “learn” to relax. Over time, as larger and larger objects are inserted, the muscles are trained to accept them.

This is not an entirely comfortable process. When an object is inserted it shouldn’t cause a sharp pain. If you feel a sharp pain, the object should be partially or completely withdrawn. Very often this pain is caused by lack of lubrication. Any time something is inserted anally, there must be a lot of lube. The one we like best is Boy Butter. It’s reasonably priced, washes off easily, and stays slippery for a long time. This is particularly important if an object remains up your ass for a long time. If the lube drys out, the object will “stick” painfully and make removal very difficult. If this happens, don’t force it out. Instead lube a finger and insert it next to the object and work your lubed finger around until you re-lubricate. Then the object should come out easily.

There is a mistaken impression that all males like anal stimulation. We all don’t. Many, however, find it very interesting and even pleasurable. Liking anal stimulation does not mean a male is gay or that he may be bisexual. All of us — men and women alike — have a lot of nerve endings in and around the anus. These nerve endings can provide intense sexual stimulation.

I like Mrs. Lion playing with my ass. I don’t get hard right now when she does. But once I get used to the sensations, I am sure that I will be visibly stimulated when she gives me attention there. Of course, last night I was caged so no erections could happen. In fact, I am just getting used to the sensations again so I wasn’t hard. I could feel a chubby in my cage later when I thought about our session.

Mrs. Lion wrote about being bored sometimes with the repetition of our activities. I can understand that. In my topping days I also would feel some boredom with spanking, anal play, sexual stimulation, etc. of my partner. My cure was to note progress. For example, I liked comparing how long it took to seat a plug each time. It was fun to see how I could get it in faster and faster without hurting my bottom. The same was true about spanking. I paid attention to how many hard swats I could administer before too much discomfort set it. Instead of focusing on the repetitive activity, I focused on the progress of my training. Anything I did could be measured. For example, in my case, Mrs. Lion could see how long or how many strokes it takes to get me to the edge. Or, she could see how long I can hold out.

I don’t know if this would work for her. It certainly worked for me. I enjoyed watching the progress and I particularly liked discussing this progress in great detail with my bottom. She would become my partner in her training. I think if this appeals to Mrs. Lion, she and I could do the same thing. We are doing that with the anal training. Maybe if we extend this sort of thing into other areas, it will restore the novelty and interest.