Our Saturday is pretty quiet this week. We slept in, watched some TV, and went grocery shopping. Mrs. Lion watched a YouTube video on male Brazilian waxing. She’ll probably use her new skill on me today (Sunday). I’ve been acquiring the necessary supplies. It takes a fair amount of stuff to do it right. Fortunately, all the years of my pubic hair removal leaves me with only a light dusting of fur down there. That will make the process less painful for me and easier for her.

The pollen and mold counts are low right now. That means I need a lot fewer antihistamine pills and I’m not scratching so much. The dog has done her share by having a bath on Friday. The stage is set for whatever Mrs. Lion has in mind for me. I’m writing this post late on Saturday afternoon. I suspect that we will play tonight. If not, tomorrow is very likely.

We went out to lunch on Friday. Mrs. Lion works half a day on Fridays and I worked from home. She had a burger and I had soup and a hot turkey sandwich. My soup came first. Later, at dinner she asked me if we had a blanket rule about me eating without permission if I am served a first course and she isn’t joining me. Neither of us could remember. I assumed that if I’m eating alone, I could just start.

Mrs. Lion didn’t disagree with that. But she admitted she got a little twinge when I began eating my soup. I asked fi she wanted me to ask before eating even when I am the only one served. She didn’t say she did. Regardless, if she has a reaction if I don’t ask, then I will. This isn’t only about obedience and punishment. It’s also about how she feels.

This little incident is good evidence that we are both internalizing our power exchange. Mrs. Lion is surprised at how visceral her response is to me eating before her or without asking permission. She’s also always aware if I spill food on my shirt. That was our first rule. For my part, I am very aware of both when I begin eating and I work hard to keep food off my shirt.

This may seem like small stuff. In the scope of life, it is. But it is significant progress for us. We started out with no rules and no notion of discipline and punishment. Now, it’s fair to say both are completely integrated into our marriage. That’s progress!

Thursday night Mrs. Lion teased me with her mouth. She’s gotten expert at knowing when I am close to coming. She’s very confident that she can keep me on the edge using her mouth. In the past, she often went too far and I got an unplanned orgasm.  Soon after the teasing, I was back in my chastity device again.

We seem to be back in  our old routine. There’s some comfort in that for me. I’m still not all that happy about being caged. But when I’m wild, I’m not too happy about that either. That suggests my feelings aren’t really related to the device. Sure, wearing it is inconvenient and sometimes a little uncomfortable. But I’ve been dealing with that for years.

We’ve basically stopped playing. We were very active, doing something at least a couple of times a week. When the maintenance spankings stopped, we stopped any sort of BDSM. I’m not unhappy that those spankings aren’t coming at least twice a week. They are genuinely hard to handle. I accept that they are a valid form of training for both of us. Since she started doing them, her intensity has gone up and my ability to accept the spanking has improved. Perhaps when I don’t need punishing in a week, a maintenance spanking can allow our training to continue.

One of the key components of BDSM play for me is that I’m aroused when it takes place. When she used to give me a play spanking, she made sure I was hard and excited before she started. Many times I stayed erect through almost the entire spanking. I had fun. The same was always true for other play as well. I’m not claiming that’s a requirement for BDSM play. But for the play to make sense at least one of us has to be enjoying it.

For example, if Mrs. Lion enjoys seeing how many painful clothespins she can put on my balls, then it doesn’t matter if I’m aroused or not. She’s having fun. If she enjoys it and I’m aroused too, then we are both having fun. My point is that if neither of us is having a good time, why do it?

It bothers me when Mrs. Lion does things to me out of a sense of duty. It makes me feel guilty and an little sad. I know that the bottom always has the most fun. Even with a sexual sadist topping, safe play is often more work than recreation. I’m sure pro doms enjoy their work, but it is work nonetheless. The same is true for Mrs. Lion. I’m sure she would rather play on her iPad than torture me. I hope she will still have fun playing with me. I’m greatful for her efforts on my behalf.

For some time we’ve been researching ways to keep me hairless, front and back. In current terms that’s called a full brazillian or manzillian. I’ve been hairless for many years. At one point, I had professional laser hair removal treatments. Over nine months, almost all my pubic hair was gone. Most of it isn’t growing back now, over fifteen years later. Some, particularly on my balls stubbornly reappears. We’ve used a home light treatment to try for permanent results. But there is still some foliage.

Much of my scrotal hair is grey. The darker hair yielded to the light treatments. Grey hair can’t be removed with lasers. There is also quite a bit of hair below my balls and on/in my butt. The light treatments made good headway there, but there is still work to be done. Most difficult for me is removing ball hair. Our electric body shaver painfully nicks me when used there. A body razor (Venus) does the work with fewer injuries, but stubble returns. We’ve used an epilator successfully on other spots, but the scrotum just gets caught in the machine and hurts me.

I suggested we could try waxing. A couple of weeks ago, we bought some Veet waxing strips. They worked pretty well on my balls.  We decided to go into waxing a bit more scientifically. I like to learn everything I can about new things. YouTube has a wealth of videos about everything. This video is the best waxing video I’ve found. It’s a step-by-step course on male pubic hair removal. There are some other good videos out there as well. I hope Mrs. Lion will spend some time with these lessons. There’s more to waxing than I thought.

For example, before waxing a lotion is used to prepare the skin. It’s important because it helps open pores and remove any sweat and body oils. Next, to my surprise, light mineral oil is applied to the skin; just a light layer that is rubbed off. The oil keeps the wax from sticking to the skin but doesn’t prevent the wax from grabbing hairs, Live and learn! By the way, generic light mineral oil is perfect. There are very expensive waxing oils that are just scented mineral oil.

I also learned that there are two kinds of waxes: strip and stripless. The strip wax is applied and then a cloth is pressed into the wax and us used to pull the wax and hair away. Stripless wax is applied more thickly and then allowed to dry for a bit. It can be pulled away without the cloth strip. This is supposed to be much less painful than strip wax. It is what all the videos I watched recommend for balls, penis, and inner butt areas.

I ordered a can of stripless wax and a heater to melt it. I also got a can of strip wax that can be melted in the microwave. Strip wax can be applied to larger areas and is faster than stripless. This may seem like a lot of stuff, but it’s what’s required. Since a professional male brazillian waxing costs about $125 in our area, the do-it-yourself kit is a bargain. According to the way my hair grows, I will need waxing every two-to-four weeks. The process takes about a half hour or so. That’s about how long using the light device takes.

If my experience with the epilator is any indication, hair grows back softer and lighter after waxing. Subsequent treatments should be less painful and take less time.  Speaking of pain, waxing does hurt; especially the first time. I think it’s worth the pain. There is no sharp stubble as hair grows back and the area stays clean an d smooth much longer.

It will be another week or so before we have all the supplies assembled and have the time to wax me. Like any other skill, I expect it will take a few sessions to master. I’m hoping that wax will be the hair removal answer we have been seeking.


I’ve settled into my cage. It’s comfortably in place. I’m not particularly interested in sex right now. Last night, Mrs. Lion removed the cage and we snuggled. It was wonderful but I wasn’t horny. This isn’t anything to worry about. Sometimes I’m just not interested. Mrs. Lion let me run around wild for a few hours and then locked me up before bedtime. It was a pleasant break to be able to pee without worrying about hitting the target.

Mrs. Lion didn’t attempt to spank me. Today is punishment day. As far as I know, I haven’t broken any rules. I suppose it might be a good excuse for a play spanking. Of course, Mrs. Lion could get out the Box O’Fun. that would force us to play. Maybe that will be the jump start we need. Mrs. Lion has written that she wants to continue our FLRD and our BDSM (lots of initials!) activities. My lack of sexual interest could be tied to our inactivity in the power exchange.

I know. How can I claim inactivity when I am sitting here locked in a male chastity device. It’s true that I am. But it’s also true that male chastity is a normal part of our lives. I’m taking it for granted. I shouldn’t. Mrs. Lion can easily fix that.

More likely, the source of my apathy are the severe allergies I’m suffering. The antihistamine makes me a bit lethargic. Allergies have a way of slowing things down. I think Mrs. Lion is right. We need to step things up regardless of my lack of enthusiasm. It isn’t fair to put that on her alone. I know that. But right now I just don’t have anything to contribute. I’m sure that will change. For now, we are in the rare state when I don’t have any ideas.