Sex has been on hold lately. Our new car is the latest distraction. Mrs. Lion piled the contents of our old car on the treadmill, so I haven’t been able to use it. Dealing with a new plug-in hybrid has taken up most of my time. I miss driving. Yesterday, I was in the driver’s seat while I set up the various options in the infotainment system.

I don’t feel particularly interested in sex. Part of it is that nothing around here gets me thinking about it. We’ve gone away from provocative posts and conversations. As much as I like the contact, Mrs. Lion’s “drive-bys” under the covers don’t work well for me. I’ve been thinking about why, and I may have an idea.

Mrs. Lion snuggles close while we watch TV. She will sometimes play with my penis. It feels good, but my focus isn’t on sex. It’s generally on the program we watch. Her focus isn’t particularly sexual, either. It feels good but isn’t getting my motor running. One reason why blowjobs and the massage table work better for me is that they change the setting and focus. We have to change position, turn off the TV, and prepare for sex. That’s a lot different than some under-the-covers fondling.

It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. I just need that shifting of gears before things get moving for me. That’s why things like clothespins, etc. do a good job of getting me going. Anyway, I know things will perk up soon.

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