Doing a Drive-by

At lunch, I unplugged the car and turned it around in the driveway so the driver’s door was closer to the house. Lion got in and set some things up. It was the first time he’s been in the driver’s seat in a long time. He misses driving. I miss him driving too.

He likes the new car. He thinks the seats are comfortable. I was concentrating too much on driving to really think about much else. I kept losing the speedometer. There should be a standard location for things like cruise control, wipers, headlights and speedometers. Put everything else wherever you want, but make the important things easy to find.

When I cleaned out the old car, I dumped everything in the living room. Lion thought I was crazy to clean it out. He didn’t think we were coming home with the car. How many cars have we bought in Washington? He should know they don’t let you out the door without buying the car. All that stuff from the old car needs to go back in the new car, but I haven’t had time yet. The problem is it’s on the treadmill and he wants to use it. I’ll have to clean it off when I’m done with work tonight. I don’t want to give him an excuse to break his new rule.

We haven’t been doing anything sexual for a while. We’ve both been tired and Lion’s tummy has been wonky. I’m still tired. He was tired earlier. I’m not sure what’s going on but we need to figure it out. The first step will be more snuggling. I’ll test the water by doing a drive-by on my weenie. If he’s glad to see me, we can do more.