I hope your week is going well. I just finished updating our websites. It was one of those technical things that only has to be done when a major component of the system goes to a new version and support is ended for the old one. I put off the work as long as I could. Now things are where they need to be, and everything works.

My health is good despite the scary incident a couple of weeks ago. My MRI showed no evidence of a stroke or other damage. In fact, some “white matter” that had shown up two years ago is almost entirely gone now. The white matter is believed to be related to dementia. The amount I showed a couple of years ago wasn’t big enough to be worrisome. The fact that it’s gone now is mysterious. The neurologist has no explanation. There is a good chance that the incident that started all this was caused by dehydration due to my stomach problems at the time. Anyway, all is well.

starting our new domestic discipline phase

We have been talking about expanding DD to include behaviors that need correction. Mrs. Lion has given a lot of thought to one in particular: interrupting. In her post on Tuesday, “Clamming Up,” she talked about anticipating an interruption and pausing to let me talk. She wondered how that fit with strictly enforcing the no-interrupting rule. My thought is that if she finds herself pausing because she anticipates an interruption, that should count as me interrupting her. Her pause is a way she compensates for my rude behavior. Instead of calling me out for it, she graciously makes it seem like a natural pause in the conversation.

That’s a good example of the reasons why I haven’t been punished for interrupting or other behavioral problems. Mrs. Lion compensates rather than confronts me when I commit them.  Combine that with my saying that I wanted her to punish things that annoy her, and you get a very solid chance that I would never be punished.

Now that we have agreed that every infraction, including times when Mrs. Lion feels herself compensating, will be punished, enforcement won’t require any judgment calls. It’s all black and white just like my other more-trivial rules.

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