As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday (“Sore Butt, Burning Ass and a Nice Blow Job“), I got 570 swats during the Giants game. We are up to ten swats per point and ten swats if the Giants quarterback is sacked. Mrs. Lion made the change I suggested (“Whew! I Could Have Gotten 590 Swats During Yesterday’s Football Playoff“) that she use a less severe paddle for home team swats and a mean one for the opposition’s score. She did that. 300 of the swats were with the easier-to-take leather paddle. The rest were administered with a very painful bloodwood swatter.

I admit it. Each touchdown made me question the wisdom of this spanking game. However, when the dust settled, and my bottom cooled, my memories were very happy. What can I say?

Our website was down overnight. One of the plugins I installed seems to destabilize our server. I removed the offending plugin. Hopefully, we will return to being stable. Our site has been online without trouble for a long time. This is the first serious issue. On the same subject, our blog may be offline on January 31 from 8 PM PST (11 PM EST) to 10 PM PST (1 AM EST). This is for cloud maintenance. Our migration to the cloud has largely freed us of all the hassles we had with other vendors. This is the first time we have been notified of activity that will impact our site availability.

Mrs. Lion was home yesterday and did some laundry and cleaning. She also ran an errand for me. Now, she is tired and achy. Trips to her doctor haven’t resulted in any explanation for this condition. Now that we are on a diet, maybe the weight loss will help relieve some of the pain.

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  1. Does Mrs. Lion switch paddling arms during long paddling sessions?

    1. Author

      Sometimes. I can’t tell from my end of the paddle.

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