Our football team won last night. I can’t believe it. I thought for sure it would be losses from here on out. They started the season strong and I thought they ran out of gas. I am pleasantly surprised. We did not play our football spanking game. We were both tired and just wanted to watch the game.

While we watched, after I’d gotten rid of the dinner dishes, we snuggled and I played with my weenie. This isn’t the best position for getting Lion excited, but he hasn’t really been touched in days, so he did get a little hard. I’m sure he would have gotten more excited if I’d moved into a better position, but I found myself falling asleep. I’d feel bad about it if he’d never fallen asleep while I’m playing with him.

Today is punishment day. I’ll whomp him between his shower and dinner. If I spank him early enough, we’ll have time for fun later. Yes, I will strap him down for spanking. I haven’t decided if I’ll strap him down for other festivities. I haven’t even decided if I’ll set up the massage table or give him oral sex. I just know he’ll get attention. It may not necessarily be attention he wants (think Icy Hot), but that’s what he gets when he puts me in charge.

We have a few storms coming through that are supposed to dump anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow. I ordered a food delivery yesterday, so we should be good in that respect. We don’t really care if we get snowed in. The only issue is losing power. I think we’re ready for that too. The issue is whether the internet will hold so I can still work.

Speaking of work, I’m happy to report that I didn’t forget everything I learned just by being out for two days. I haven’t had to use a cheat sheet once. Of course, I’m about to start something I’ve only done a few times so now the cheat sheets are coming out.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting, as consistently as you 2 do. I don’t always read all of your posts (for all the wrong reasons), but I always enjoy reading them.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for being a loyal reader. What are the wrong reasons to read our posts?

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