The Stars Didn’t Align On Thursday Night

We seem to be out of sync. After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner — turkey, stuffing, sweet and white potatoes, and cranberry sauce — Mrs. Lion felt under the weather. At about midnight, my stomach went wonky. It’s fine today, but Mrs. Lion isn’t feeling quite right. Sex was off the table yesterday. Spanking wasn’t. I got my five-minute punishment day spanking and then a lot more swats during the Giants/Cowboys game. It hurts to sit today (Friday). Tomorrow is another punishment day, and you know what that means. I almost never get multiple spankings in a single day. Mrs. Lion worries about possible injury. I guess Thanksgiving’s activities dispelled that concern.

Mrs. Lion and I discussed yesterday’s post (“Silence“). She likes writing and sees no harm in sharing with the world. I remain unconvinced. Only one person commented on it. I suppose we could consider this an online magazine of sorts. Maybe I should shut off the ability to comment. That’s better than being disappointed every day. People who really want to reach us could use Contact Us.

As you might guess, I’m not a happy camper right now. I realize that the thousands of people who read this blog and listen to our podcast don’t feel very connected to Mrs. Lion and me. Maybe it was unrealistic of me to believe that a small, hardcore group of readers would be part of a running dialogue that added value to our lives. Instead, we have a very large audience of readers and listeners who see no reason to share with us.

Blogs can be monologues that give writers the chance to send their thoughts over the Net. They can also be conversations that benefit writers and readers alike. What bothers me the most is that we get over 2,000 pageviews a day without a single comment. I’m delighted that so many people read what we write. Maybe if I finally realize that we are a sort of sexual newsletter, I can feel good about going on. Maybe if I only allow comments to an occasional post, it won’t feel so lonely. It’s something to think about.