Not All Better Yet

I am feeling better. This was the second bout of intestinal problems in as many weeks. My doctor says it’s probably a virus that clears in 24 hours. Yup, it did both times. This latest episode was much worse. As of now, I’m a little tired but back in action. Mrs. Lion has started her new job and is suffering from the usual confusion associated with getting oriented. My last job was with an entertainment giant who did a seamless onboarding. It was the best I ever experienced.

Perhaps I’ll go back to bed and watch some TV. Things aren’t quite right yet though I think I am well enough to resume our spanking schedule. I want to keep working. My new book is underway. I’m not sure exactly where it’s going, but it’s going. I realize that this isn’t my normal type of post. Sorry, not quite as well as I thought I was.