Domestic Discipline: From Game To Marital Lifestyle

The more I think about domestic discipline and male orgasm control, the clearer it becomes that both are firmly rooted in male fantasies. I’m not saying that either practice isn’t real. They both are for us. What I’m saying is that it’s very difficult to separate fantasies from practical reality.

For example, take domestic discipline. The practice seems cruel and freaky to people who don’t eroticize spanking. I’ve been turned on by the idea of being spanked almost my entire life. The idea of being spanked for displeasing my wife is very hot. Based on my reading of other blogs and forums, every guy I’ve encountered feels the same way.

You might imagine that makes domestic discipline role play a sexual fantasy. Based on my experience, in the beginning, it was. I got turned on thinking about an upcoming spanking. The actual paddling wasn’t very painful. I was being “punished” for breaking a rule. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion thought of it in the same way.

Despite the role-playing overtones, the spankings changed my behavior. I can’t explain why, but they did. Over time (a few years), the prospect of punishment stopped being exciting. Mrs. Lion learned how to deliver a serious disciplinary spanking. I consciously tried to avoid earning one. Even when I get a “just because” spanking, I dread it.

This is what I consider the appropriate emotional response to earning a spanking. Yes, the thought of being spanked is a turn-on. The spankings aren’t sexual at all. We both evolved. Mrs. Lion is comfortable bruising my bottom. She sees it as a necessary activity to help me improve. She likes catching me breaking one of my two objective rules: closing the shower door and preparing the coffee pot for the next day. She has a much harder time with subjective rules that involve upsetting her. One rationalization for our “just because” spankings is that it gives her a chance to punish me for subjective rule-breaking.

She has been very reluctant to create new objective rules. I don’t understand why. I’m staying out of the rule-creating process. No suggestions are coming from this lion. Nuh-uh! I would think that part of her fun game would be to create new opportunities to catch me. Maybe she is distracted.

One of the drawbacks of our long-term domestic discipline is that it becomes routine. Leave the shower door open; get spanked. It’s almost habit. DD has to be front and center to stimulate thinking about new rules. In a way, it’s good that domestic discipline is a habit. There is 100 percent compliance. However, as I make doing my chores a habit, the opportunities to catch me breaking a rule disappear. In one sense, that’s a good thing. I’m sure that I could use help in many other areas. Right, Mrs. Lion?