Checks and Balances

Mrs. Lion is busy looking for new work. I’m writing away. Our farm is still a little disappointing. So far, our strawberries don’t seem too happy. A couple of weeks ago, we changed what we feed them. It’s hard to tell, but I don’t know that we are having a lot of success. Mrs. Lion and I are always in unexplored territory. We had to discover how to manage domestic discipline. We both came from spanking-free childhoods. It took a long time to get it right.

We did a lot better with male chastity. After a few months of adjustment, Mrs. Lion has been in full control of my orgasms for almost nine years. I haven’t masturbated for that entire time. I doubt I ever will again. I hope we will do as well with our crops as we have done with discipline and sex.

There’s a real benefit to making these changes. The biggest is that the two primary causes of marital conflict have been resolved by agreement. Sex is never a cause for anger or resentment. Even when Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself, our orgasm control (for me) habit carries us through without conflict. I’m sure there are times that she may regret training me not to masturbate. All in all, we have fun.

Our domestic discipline prevents any buildup of resentment. I know that this practice is the most controversial. It requires a lot of trust and love. My lioness isn’t a cruel dominatrix who delights in making me suffer. She spanks me when I break an explicit rule or get on her nerves. Otherwise, I’m free to be king of the jungle. I just have to watch my step. It’s our form of checks and balances. It works. We have a happy marriage.