Lion published his post by accident yesterday and asked if I would write one to publish this morning. The procrastinator in me graciously accepted. Usually, I’m scrambling to come up with a post in a short time. Now I have all night if I want. I wonder how we’ll get back on track, though. My guess is that I won’t write one for this afternoon and Lion will go back to his normal time the following day.

In his post, he wrote about being stuck in a rut. Well, not really. It’s just that the timing of things tends to get stuck in a rut. Everything happens after dinner. He’s been asking for things to happen earlier for a long time. I oblige him for a day or two and then revert to my old ways. He wonders what the big deal is about doing it earlier. There isn’t one necessarily. We used to have sex every night around 10 pm. I don’t know why that specific time was chosen. I also don’t know when we made it earlier. It’s just a matter of changing it again, I guess.

When I get done with work, I tend to go through the house doing little things that we’ve decided need to get done. I add water to the gardens, clean up whatever mess is left over from lunch, get the mail, take out the garbage, etc. Then I sit down with Lion who is already watching TV after his shower. Why don’t we do things then? We could. But don’t I get a chance to sit and watch TV before I have to make dinner? I’ve been sitting at my desk working usually a little longer than Lion was sitting at his desk writing. Okay. I don’t need time to relax. We can start doing things when I get done with work.

I haven’t been setting up the massage table lately. I did it for a while. Then I decided I wanted to suck him and that works better for me on the bed. Then it was a combination of one or the other of us not feeling like doing anything. Yes, I said we’d start anal stuff again. I’d like Lion to be at least a little interested in sex when I do that. No, I’m not blaming Lion for anything. I’m just saying when he gets into his writing, he doesn’t really feel like doing anything. A few days of that and I lapse into inertia, and I don’t set up the massage table.

Tonight, I’ll move the spanking bench around so it’s easier to drag out more often. While it’s out, I guess I might as well swat some cheeks. It doesn’t have to be an all-out punishment spanking, although he did push to be spanked more often, so he technically asked for it. Nah. It can be an abbreviated spanking. It’s just for the hassle of moving things around. See how nice I am to him?

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