Creatures Of Habit

Since we’ve been writing about our disciplinary activities, I thought I would bring up the subject of habits. When Mrs. Lion worked in an office all day, discipline had to wait until after dinner. She got in the habit of spanking me after 8 PM. There is nothing wrong with that. However, now that she works from home and I am home all day, she has more options. She said that she wants to spank earlier. She also said that she could spank close to when I commit an offense. She hasn’t,

We’ve mentioned frequency too. More frequent spankings keep both of us on our toes. I mentioned that a few days ago. Mrs. Lion pointed out that I’ve been good and haven’t earned punishments. I got a ‘”just because” spanking six days ago. Mrs. Lion mentioned that she needs practice on the long leather strap I got her. Hint, hint.

I think it is important for us to break out of our habitual behavior. Since we are home, spanking and sex can happen almost any time of day. Mrs. Lion can take a fifteen-minute break during the day. That’s long enough to spank or tease me. I think that spanking, in particular, is something we need to work on. We’ve learned that frequent spankings keep our power dynamic alive. Who knows? It might also make my lioness a stricter mate.

If this seems strange coming from me, consider this: Spanking and sex are very intimate activities. Both require trust and vulnerability. Every time the spanking bench comes out, I mount it and expose my bare bottom for punishment. At the same time, Mrs. Lion trusts that I will docilely accept my beating. That’s intimate.

Then there’s the matter of my authority as a disciplined husband. If weeks can go by without me being spanked, it’s hard to present myself as a disciplined husband. Wouldn’t you expect me to be spanked at least once or twice a week? If I were, it would improve my credibility and give Mrs. Lion more to write about. If Mrs. Lion adopted a more frequent spanking schedule, I wonder if she would become more assertive. It’s worth a try.