Lion Will Help Me Test His New Paddle

Lion made the grave mistake of getting me a new paddle. Why would he do that? He has to know I’ll use it. I mean, that is its purpose, of course. But why tempt fate? He’s been so good for so long. Well, he is due for a “just because” spanking. Even if he weren’t, I’d have to test the paddle.

It’s a leather paddle. It shouldn’t make him bleed. He says the leather ones don’t hurt as much. I say that sounds like a challenge. Can I make his buns hurt like they do when I use a wooden or rubber paddle? I’ll bet I could. I may not be able to move my arms afterward, though. Is it worth it? It might be. After all, I have to test the paddle out. How can I certify the paddle if I don’t put it through its paces? If I can’t move my arms, I won’t be able to jerk Lion off or give him anal attention. I’m sure he’ll point out that I can still give him a blow job. Smarty pants.

After I took the paddle out of its package, I playfully swatted Lion’s tush. He said it’s been sixteen days since his last spanking. He added that I can tell him all the times he’s annoyed me before I do a “just because” spanking. Thank you very much for the permission. He said he hopes I can get to the point that I’ll spank him for annoying me. He hasn’t really annoyed me lately. If I spanked him every time the dog annoyed me, he wouldn’t be able to sit ever again. He doesn’t think that’s fair. Why should he be punished for the dog’s misbehaving? I wasn’t really suggesting he should. It was merely a statement that she annoys me more than he does.

Poor Lion’s butt has a few hours left of unpaddled bliss. I’m sure he’s both worried and excited about being spanked. [Lion — She’s right!]