Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion pulled out all of the stops. She set up the massage table and had me lie on it face down. I was surprised. Then she worked her way to three fingers up my ass. That wasn’t too comfortable at first. She was patient, and I relaxed. Then, she fucked me with her three fingers. I even began to accept this treatment. She followed with our glass Christmas dildo that is candy cane striped. She pegged me with that as well.

When she was finished, she asked me to dismount. I asked (not grumbled) if I would get “front” attention. She said that I would, on the bed. I got a nice blow job. I wasn’t able to get to the edge. It was fun anyway. I was completely surprised by the activity. It was fun! Maybe this is the start of a new era. I hope so.

What I liked best was that there was no discussion. Mrs. Lion went to work with no comment or conversation. Her only words were the instruction to lie face-down on the table. Conversation can easily kill the mood. I may have asked her what she was doing. If she answered at all it was, “What do you think?” Perfect.

shock collar under lion's balls

She also left my shock collar next to my keyboard and even reminded me to put it on after breakfast yesterday. She sent me a vibration to verify that I was wearing it. It remained on all day. I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon. I expect she will have me remove it before I take my shower

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  1. Perhaps it is better to take a shower without a collar.

    1. Author

      It’s waterproof, but it is more comfortable and easier with it off.

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