Lion is Not in Sex Mode

The other night, I sprained my hand. It doesn’t hurt constantly. I can still use it. However, it will protest vociferously if I happen to move it the wrong way. I’ve almost dropped things because of it. Lion wants me to go to the doctor. It’s a sprain. What can they do? Even if it’s wrapped, which I could do, I could still move it the wrong way. The doctor’s answer would probably be not to move it the wrong way. Ya think?

When Lion was done writing for the day, he sent me the first part of his book. After work, I started reading it. Before I knew it, it was 6:30. Wow. I was reading for an hour and a half. It didn’t seem like it. That’s good. I was engrossed. I want to read more. I just couldn’t do it last night because we needed to eat dinner.

Lion was tired. I was tired. We didn’t eat until 8. My hand was a dull ache at that point with random sharp pain depending on how I moved. Needless to say, we didn’t do anything sexual. I don’t know if Lion was looking for anything or not. He hasn’t been. He’s been in writing mode and that’s not conducive to sex. Of course, he could be horny at any given moment. He would need to tell me if there’s a change. I can’t read his mind. Maybe he could give me the Lion weather report.

Whenever he is ready for love, it will take a bit to get him to the point that I can go Lion riding. I want him horny and super hard for that. The point is to give him an orgasm during Lion riding. I assume he won’t be super hard the minute he’s ready for action. I’m not rushing him. I want him to enjoy his first vaginal sex in years. [Lion — 4.5 years to be exact.]