We Are Not Crazy

Most of us don’t want others to know about our domestic discipline or male chastity practices. We’re sure they would think we are crazy perverts. Maybe we half believe that ourselves. Simply observing our behavior might cause some head scratching. I get it. Our behavior isn’t exactly mainstream. That doesn’t mean it can’t be accepted by vanilla folks.

Part of the problem is that we often don’t think about why we do what we do. On the outside, it looks like Mrs. Lion beats me for misbehaving. Yeah, she does. But why? It’s because I asked her to do this for me. I find the idea of being spanked a turn-on. I’m not alone. Almost 90 percent of adults have spanking dreams and fantasies. Yeah, there have been several studies that report this. Am I crazy for wanting to bring that dream to life, or am I brave?

Mrs. Lion and I decided to use my arousal about spanking to improve our domestic relationship. Domestic discipline helps balance a power imbalance in our marriage. I’m a pretty dominant guy. Mrs. Lion is generally willing to follow my lead. Sounds perfect, right? Nope. She has to stuff her desires and feelings to always go along with me. Sooner or later, all this resentment is going to bubble over and threaten our marriage. Wouldn’t it be better if she could learn to express her feelings in a timely and appropriate way? Spanking me is far from crazy. She gets a loud voice and I learn to listen. I also get a sexual fantasy to come true.

Male chastity is more selfish. It’s a game that some men like. It’s very exciting (to me) to have to wait for my lioness to get me off. No masturbation, no wheedling or anything else to get off when I want to. I get off when she wants me to. Thatis a turn-on for me. Mrs Lion is kind enough to indulge me.

It has nothing to do with my masculinity, the weather, or the stock market. It’s a harmless sexual kink that I enjoy. So what? We aren’t crazy. We’re having fun and doing good at the same time.