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We’ve done a lot of posts recently about sex for me. Forgive me if I don’t break into spontaneous applause. I just don’t care that much. Lion had a comment about someone’s wife who “has no interest in sailing anymore (after last weekend!) and only eats because she has to”. I get that. How many times did she go sailing when she didn’t want to? Did she get to do anything she wanted to do? It sounds to me, a layman, like she’s depressed. I’m on two antidepressants. I stopped taking one of them to see if it would help with my libido. Holy crap that was the longest two weeks of my life. I didn’t care any more about sex, but I was ready to beat the hell out of anyone and anything.

Do I think the antidepressants are to blame for my lack of libido? No. Do I think they make me more tolerable to live with? Oh, yes. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have the dosage increased. It might make me care about things again. I have very little patience for the dog dragging in branches when I just cleaned up from the last time. I have very little patience for most things.

You may wonder why I agreed to try to get my libido back. It’s simple. It’s important to Lion. I feel like I let him down in so many ways, I should try to enjoy sex again. I know he wants me to have fun again. I’m just now wondering if we’re approaching it backwards. Would it make more sense to get me to enjoy things in general again and sex will follow? Or do we go for sex and hope the rest will follow? I don’t know. Just a thought. I don’t have the answer.

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  1. They say that patients is a blessing and my relationship with Mrs 427 over time that her willingness to a sexaul relationship has come back so get some understanding to the reader’s. Mrs 427 after our last child was born and both of as in our early 20s she started to have problems with her body with her ovarian area , early menopause started before her 30s but for started to understand that sex was one of the last things that would be offended.
    Life has many changes and my marriage is no different,back in 2016 we both agreed for me tobe in chastment it started well and life changes but again as I stayed in chastity now very permanent lifestyle ,If I was to total these years with out sex it would be 8 years ,since her last problem where I nearly lost her the last 6 months sex has is a bit more and her involvement with the chastity has more to a understanding for her and vanilla in some departments still .We both in 60s and close to the 40 year’s of marriage and there has been our arguments over sex .

    Life comes in stages and sexaul relationship in a marriage will change and for some as male we learn to live with that

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