As promised, I set up the massage table so we could play. The straps didn’t work out. One issue is that there are cables that help stabilize the legs and those can get in the way. Another issue is the length of the straps. One is a little too long for the spanking bench, but it’s too short for the massage table, which is wider. I’m sure I can figure something out. It’s just a matter of measuring and possibly permanently attaching them. I’ve had that thought for the spanking bench too, but I haven’t done anything about it.

Despite not being strapped down, I decided to use some nasty-ish clothespins on Lion. The have tread tape on the pinchy parts. That means they grip harder and also hold on a little bit longer on removal. Ouchy! I don’t know how many I got on him. I just made a stripe from back to front, straight up the middle. I know there are a few spots that are super sensitive. I’m sure I hit them because Lion doesn’t have a very good poker face.

I made sure I had him a little turned on before I started with the clothespins. He wasn’t completely hard, but he was well on his way. I even put a clothespin on each of his nipples. He swears he doesn’t like that, but Mr. Weenie gives him away. He’ll protest and Mr. Weenie will reach for the sky. Can’t fool me.

lion's balls tied tight
Lion’s tied balls.

I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm. I just wanted to get his motor running after not playing for about a week. Of course, I didn’t tell him that. Why ruin the surprise? He needs to think he’s going for gold every time otherwise it won’t be as fun. For me. It’s never fun for him when I stop short of the promised land. Well, that’s not true. He enjoys it on some level even if he is disappointed, and usually out of breath. I got him nice and hard and breathing heavy. And I left him hanging. What a bitch! Yup. That’s me.

Tonight, I’m thinking about tying his balls up in a nice little bow while I suck him. I like tying his balls and making them bounce. I just like his balls, period. And sucking him is my favorite form of torture. It’s not a torture? It is if I don’t take him all the way. Poor Lion.

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