More Adjustments

Even in winter, we sleep with the window open a tiny bit. The fresh air is good at night. When it gets warmer, we’ve been turning the fan on at night. I don’t know if our sleep problems were from the heat or not, but we decided to try it with the air conditioner on all night. I slept. Lion still had trouble. I don’t feel great this morning, but I don’t feel tired in addition to yucky. I need both the heat and yuckiness to go away. I have too much to do to be lounging around.

When Lion was in the shower yesterday, I talked myself into setting up the massage table. I didn’t want to, but I’d promised Lion some action. After work, I asked if he wanted to do anything. He didn’t. He was tired. I understood. I’d been falling asleep at my desk all afternoon. A little while later, Lion asked if I’d set up the massage table. We decided we should at least test out the height. He thought it should be as high as the waxing table. I’m not so sure. I raised it two more notches. We’ll test it out and see how it feels. Since I had Lion on the table, I started feeling him up. Hey, I had to experiment with the height, didn’t I? He said it felt good, but he wasn’t getting aroused. Lack of sleep will do that.

Although he didn’t sleep well last night, I’m hoping he’ll be more in the mood tonight. At this point, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble talking myself into setting up the table. Even if he doesn’t get very excited, I can make him feel good. I’m thinking I could give him a play spanking tonight to start things off. IcyHot is fine if he’s already horny. I think a fun spanking with lots of fondling might work better.