Secret Promises

Many young lovers make secret promises. One woman I dated when I was in my twenties would hold my hand and then move her fingers so she could lightly scratch my palm. That was her signal that she wanted sex as soon as we were alone. She never told me what that gesture meant. I quickly figured it out when she followed through each time she did that. Eventually, I would get hard every time she scratched my palm.

Secret symbols can be a powerful language. Some dominants leave a paddle or flogger on the bed when they plan to have a play session that day/night. It’s very arousing to the bottom to see the toy in plain view. Some are more overt. A woman will tell her man to put on his “punishment panties.” He knows that means he will be spanked. It’s very arousing to him.

It can be a lot of fun to build anticipation with secret symbols that promise future activity. Mrs. Lion has never been into this sort of thing. She has a magnet she can move on my whiteboard when she plans to spank me. She’s only done that once. We started using it because she would sometimes forget that she owed me a punishment. Maybe she doesn’t understand how powerful secret promises can be.

I’m not unusual. I believe that most men whose wives have taken control love it when they receive a secret promise. The closest we get is when Mrs. Lion promises something in a post. It’s too bad. Anticipation is very powerful foreplay. Secret promises are particularly exciting since they mean something only to the people who share them.

One reason I thought a second massage table would be fun was that Mrs. Lion could move it into a more visible location when she planned to use it. So far, she hasn’t used it at all. I suppose it’s just another drain of her energy to set it up. We are very different critters. I don’t think she understands the power of anticipation. Based on what she’s written in the past, she doesn’t like making any sort of sexual promises because she worries that she won’t want to follow through later.

This is at the root of why some people don’t like the idea of promising sex or play. They claim it’s because they like spontaneity. Maybe they don’t like the idea of doing something if the mood passes. Those of us who have to wait for our partners to decide to give us pleasure love anticipation. When Mrs. Lion gives no indication of what might happen later, I assume that nothing is coming. She must think I like the surprise of sexual activity without warning.

Don’t get me wrong. That can be fun. It’s much more fun to anticipate future activities. It’s foreplay of the best kind. I miss those little palm tickles.