Lion News

I have been busy writing. Mrs. Lion has been catching up on work around the house. She unpacked the massage table and is looking for a place to store it. My sex drive is hiding. I hope that it will come out this weekend. We’re lucky. Our summer weather has been great. It climbs into the eighties during the day and goes to the fifties at night. Our tomatoes are still green. Maybe they’ll ripen soon. Mrs. Lion has been doing most of the farming chores. She has a green thumb. We have a large lettuce crop. Salad tonight!

My sense of smell is still largely gone. I can detect a few strong odors. It isn’t enough for me to enjoy food. That isn’t entirely bad news. I’ve lost five pounds since getting COVID. We both remain clear of the virus. I read an interesting article on that subject. A new study shows that receiving one or more boosters significantly reduces the severity of COVID, even the new variants (link). That was certainly true for us. We had the symptoms of a very mild cold.

It’s generally peaceful here. The dog occasionally annoys Mrs. Lion, and she yells at her. I’ve followed all of my rules. I know that I have a “just because” spanking coming. It’s been over a month since a paddle met my rear end. I may also be due for waxing. That chore gets easier. Less and less hair grows back.

That’s the news. I have to get back to my book.