A Flurry of Activity

When I cleaned the camper out, I kept things that my daughter could use in her new apartment. She’s going to grad school in August. As soon as the camper sold, we were sick. It’s taken me this long to get around to boxing things up and mailing them to her. She can move in next weekend. The boxes should get to her on Thursday. That’s cutting it close. In some respects, it seems like we just sold the camper. In others, it seems like we’ve felt under the weather for a very long time. Yesterday’s venture to the office and todays’ outing to the post office and grocery store sapped a lot of my energy. There’s still a lot to do around here, but I have to remember I can’t do it all at once.

Yesterday, I was going to move the new massage table into Lion’s office where it would be out of the way. He suggested setting it up to make sure it worked well. Before I got the pantry set up, we did some waxing in the bedroom. I had the massage table in what we call our dressing area, in front of our closet. I put the new one in the same spot and realized how small the space actually is. There’s little room to maneuver. I don’t know how I managed to wax Lion.

We were both full from lunch, so we decided to put off dinner for a while. At just after 7, Lion asked if we had to wait until later to do anything. There was no reason. There’s never technically any reason. If we move dinner to 9 pm, we can play any time before then. If we eat at 4 pm, we can play any time after that. Dinner, and subsequent digestion, is really the only thing in the way. We used to play at 10 pm. I can’t for the life of me remember why that particular time was chosen. I also can’t remember when 10 pm fell out of favor. Lion wants to play earlier now. Why is 8-8:30 not a good time? Is it really that he wants an earlier time, or does he just not want something “scheduled”?

We did play. I wasn’t sure if he wanted anything more than just fondling. I know he doesn’t like if I ask him if he wants to be sucked. How else to I find out if he wants to be sucked? So, I asked him. He did. I really thought he was going to end his orgasm drought. I was surprised. I didn’t think he would get that far. Ultimately, he didn’t have an orgasm. Maybe he will tonight.

After we played, Lion suggested setting the massage table up in his office. There’s more floor space in there. It might work. We’ll have to test it out.