I debated with myself whether I should write a post. Obviously, I decided to go ahead. I’ve been working hard on my second try at writing a book that people will buy. It isn’t about spanking or chastity. I’m shooting for mainstream fiction. Maybe this time I will find an agent. One vanity (pay-to-publish) publisher sent me an email pretending to be a “small press” and soliciting my “query.” A quick glance at his website showed that he was selling services. Shoddy practice. If you’re curious about this scam, here is a link to the website. Authors beware!

Even though Mrs. Lion wrote about taking out the massage table and being sexual (“The Smell Test“), nothing happened on Wednesday. We had a very sexless evening. I’m not complaining. There are lots of good reasons why she changed her mind. I just wish she would tell me outside of her posts.

That’s one of the problems of having a blog like ours. It can become the main conduit of information between us. I like it when Mrs. Lion posts her intentions. That’s exciting for me. I don’t like it when I don’t hear the reasons for change until her post the next day. I would have been a lot happier if she told me why last night.

I get it. It’s easier to write a post than talk face to face. We’ve gotten into the habit of writing about our more difficult issues than talking about them. I think that this is a mistake. For one thing, it gives you the impression that we don’t get along. Nothing could be further from the truth. For another, I have to wait a day to learn why I was disappointed. Mrs. Lion has to understand that I’m able to hear her tell me that she doesn’t want to do something. That’s a lot better than reading it.

I wasn’t devastated on Wednesday night. We had a good time. Mrs. Lion barbecued hot dogs. I couldn’t smell or taste them, but it was fun anyway. We watched some entertaining TV and went to sleep feeling happy and in love. I just wondered why we didn’t do the sexy stuff. I’m writing this on Thursday before Mrs. Lion does her post. I expect to find out what happened on Wednesday night after she writes it. Please don’t make me wait for a post. Tell me. Thanks.

Listen to this post.