Trying To Do It All

I did some of the things on the to-do list yesterday. I cleared the boxes from the living room before I straightened up other places and created more boxes. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. I didn’t do too much at one time, so I still had the energy to make dinner and take a shower. Lion didn’t ask to be tested, and I didn’t offer. I figured skipping a day would be good. He gets down when he tests positive every day. My fingers are crossed that today will be negative.

We’re both still tired. I was doing fine until work decided there was an emergency that needed to be handled right this second. I had to open every file to find the ones I was trying to find. Computers make life easier if you set things up right. I wound up with a work headache. It’s better after lunch.

Lion went to look at the farm. I was trying to work. He said he couldn’t find any tomatoes on certain plants. I pointed them out. The tomatoes need more water. I’ll do that later. He said there was water all over near the strawberries, and we must have a leak. I cleaned up what I could find. I’ll have to check it later when I add water. Did I write a post? Nope. Working. Usually, it’s nice working from home, but when the bosses are in a panic, I can’t drop everything to do house things. It would have to wait for me to get home if I was at the office. It can usually wait a little while when I’m home.

So now I’ve taken care of most of the pressing things around the house. The tomatoes still need water. I’ve written a post. And I’m going back to finish the emergent work issue. Everybody’s happy.