The Drought Drags On

The drought continues. Our new massage table is still in its shipping carton. Mrs. Lion is still suffering from headaches and a stiff neck. I tested positive for COVID on Saturday night, though today (Sunday), I feel nearly normal, just a bit tired. Maybe we will turn the corner soon.

We’re fortunate. Our climate is mild. Most days have a high of 75 to 77 degrees F. (24 to 25 degrees C). Nights are a comfortable 55 to 60. We haven’t been able to go out. Still, it’s nice not to need air conditioning.

I imagine that we will return to normal soon. Based on her posts, I think Mrs. Lion wants to return to our domestic discipline routine. I’ve been very careful not to break any rules. I know that doesn’t matter much at this point. I’m due for a spanking, whether I’ve earned it or not. No, I’m not complaining. My bottom has been unpaddled for over a month now. We agree that is too long between reminders of our roles.

It takes time to recover from this sort of drought. Mrs. Lion can’t go from no activities to full-on lioness 5.0. She has to motivate herself and then get up to speed again. I wonder if we will be on our way to lioness 6.0. She may pick up speed and keep accelerating past her former level of intensity.

Her recent interest in anal activity may be an indication of her next emphasis. In the past, she has been more than willing to call it off if I tell her I’m not in the mood. 6.0 probably won’t care what mood I’m in. I’m just guessing. We’ll find out together when the drought ends.