Joy Ride


If I had to bet on it, I’d bet that Lion hates when I get him excited only to stop playing with him. It’s one thing to edge him. He signed up for that. But sometimes I get him excited, on the way to the edge, and leave him hanging. Extra mean? I don’t know. Personally, if he did that to me, I’d prefer it to being edged. I’ve only been edged a few times. Once was by accident. Once was by Lion. I don’t know if he did it on purpose. I was not amused. I hated it. I can’t imagine counting down to liftoff only to have the launch called off at the last second, on purpose. If we aren’t going all the way, drop me off early.

Of course, Lion is wired differently. To this day, I’m not sure if he likes to be edged or if he just likes the loss of control. It’s one thing to tell me I have control of his orgasms. It’s quite another to tell me to torture him. He’ll say he doesn’t like pain. I call bullsh*t. Why else would spanking turn him on? Why else would he want CBT? I know. I know. He’ll say it’s the loss of control. I’m sure that’s part of it. But I don’t buy that he doesn’t like pain.

I digress. The point is that I didn’t edge him last night. I played with weenie and the boys, and Lion did get hard. I stroked him as though I was heading for the edge, but I never took him very far. Sometimes, when I start out with every intention of edging him, I decide to stop early. Why? Why not? If he’s given control of his orgasms to me, shouldn’t it follow that I have control of his not-orgasms? When we started orgasm control, he suggested edging rather than orgasms. No one ever said I was limited to just edging or orgasm. Obviously, there are times he can’t make it to the edge. I’m not talking about those times. Neither of us has control of that.

Look at it like a fire truck. Sometimes, the crew takes them out for a drive just to keep things in working order. You have to give the engine something to do other than sit in the garage all the time. I’m just taking Lion’s firetruck out for a joy ride when I don’t take him to the edge. Maybe edging is the equivalent of a false alarm for the fire truck. Lights and sirens, and there’s no fire. Damn. He can always hope there’s a raging fire next time.

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  1. Been taken to the edge and left hanging, or receiving a wiener slapping for a non authorized cum from my Mistress/Wife!

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