Almost Back To Normal

I must be getting better. Aside from feeling a little tired, everything else is back to normal. I’m horny again! That’s not entirely surprising since it’s been fourteen days since my last orgasm. I’m sure it’s too soon to try anything sexual. I have a day to go on the anti-virals. After I’m done with them, it will probably be fine. I’ve had only one day when I felt sick enough to stay in bed. Within a couple of hours, after I tested positive for COVID, I got the Pfizer anti-viral pills. Between them and being fully vaxed and boosted, it looks like the infection didn’t have the opportunity to make me really sick.

Mrs. Lion says that she is also feeling better. We both feel tired but otherwise fine. Our farms are doing well. We have a bunch of baby tomatoes, lots of lettuce, and some basil. It looks like we overfed the strawberries. Mrs. Lion will drain their tank, and we will see if we can fix them. In the meantime, we ordered another smaller Aerogarden farm for a bigger, more stable strawberry patch.

According to a recent post, even though I moved the “ouch magnet” to the he’s-gonna-get-it position, Mrs. lion doesn’t plan to punish me for leaving the shower door open the other day. She wrote that she was sure I’d find another way to earn a spanking, so she left the magnet in place. I don’t have to worry for a while. She’s not up to beating me yet.

I’m glad she’s not ready. I still need some time to get back in shape. I suspect the COVID pills are making both of us a bit tired. At least we’re not cranky. A cranky lioness who isn’t up to spanking has other nasty ways to punish me. Yuck! Stay cheerful, sweetie!