Cautiously Optimistic

I took the last of my antiviral drugs this morning. I feel mostly better, but I know if I try to do too much too soon, I’ll be right back on my butt. There are a few things that need to be done, so I’m spreading them out throughout the day so I can rest in between. Lion is feeling a lot better, but he’s sticking close to bed too. I think he has three more days of antiviral drugs left to take. I haven’t retested yet. I may do it tomorrow. I’m still working from home no matter what, but once I test negative, I’ll be able to go out in society if I need to.

We haven’t wanted to do much, but it is a holiday weekend. It’s raining so that puts a damper on anything we might have planned anyway. Neither of us has really been hungry. I guess that’s good because I haven’t wanted, or been able, to cook for a few days. I’ve basically been boiling water and throwing things in the oven. I’m hoping the weather will clear and we’ll actually want to have hamburgers from the grill tomorrow. Not that it’s such a big deal. I just have a few tomatoes I’m trying to use before they go bad. Lion likes tomatoes on his burgers. I was also thinking of grilled cheese for lunch today. It may be a bit too much in the outlay of energy and the hunger department, but it will be another option to use the tomatoes.

At the moment, both of us are vertical and at our desks. I have no idea how long that will last. It’s not strenuous, but we obviously feel better in bed. Who doesn’t? But it can get boring being stuck in bed all day, even with the TV full of movies and shows. Lion was watching tennis for a while. That’s what prompted me to get up. No, I had to pee and do a few things. But tennis does bore me. I find some of it interesting enough to hold my attention for a minute or two. A good volley or an amazing serve is fun. And I realize how athletic the players are. It’s just like gymnastics. I know how much strength and flexibility it takes and that amazes me. However, I don’t want to watch it for any length of time. Lion doesn’t like soccer. He tends to be more vocal about how much he doesn’t like it when I try to watch it, so I don’t watch it. I follow the Sounders on Facebook and I watch highlights on there.

Anyway, we’re feeling better. Not 100%, but better. We’re hoping we don’t get rebound symptoms. I’ll have to be more careful when I go out in public in the future. I don’t want to drag this monster home with me again. We can’t push our luck.