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Every time  I write a post about pubic hair, it gets a lot (for us) of comments. They come from men who also remove their hair down there. Women remain silent on the subject. Maybe guys think about their pubic hair more than women. I’m pretty sure that males are much more visual about genitals. Many aren’t particularly attracted to that part of a man. Male butts seem far more interesting to them.

I get this data from my reading on social media. I get that women feel naughty about showing their breasts and bottoms. They don’t feel inclined to show their vaginas. This limitation on their self-exposure may be the same as their disinterest in penises.

Even though my genitals are prominently featured in various posts, I have no illusion that those images are appealing to either sex. The only picture of me that seems to show my genitals in a good light is a full-length nude of me standing. My genitals are far from prominent. They are revealed as a natural feature of my landscape.

I am not particularly attracted to closeups of random pussies. Images like that don’t turn me on. I do like seeing Mrs. Lion’s vagina. She is very fond of seeing my erections. I think it’s because we are sexual partners. I’m not saying that female nudes don’t appeal to me. They do if I feel visual context. Maybe other men see things differently. Porn and closeups of vaginas never do it for me.

I admit that I am very interested in seeing a cute ass. Rear views are most welcome. One of my favorites is a woman with a cute butt in tight jeans. While I like it, anal sex has never been my favorite. However, I am very partial to reverse cowgirl. I get great sensations and a spectacular rear view.

I digress. My point is that women, at least publically, tend to agree that penis pictures are generally unwelcome. The exception is that closeups of aroused friends and lovers are generally welcome. I agree that it seems strange to imagine that a picture of your erection is a good way to introduce yourself to a stranger. I don’t think my cock is particularly special. I’m told I have a nice smile and a cute butt.


  1. My previous keyholder didn’t mind my hairless pubic region, but she preferred men with lots of pubic hair because she enjoyed rubbing her fingers through it.

    1. Author

      Like you, I prefer no hair. However, if my partner wants me furry, I would absolutely let it grow even if she is willing to accept your shave.

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