My most recent post was a downer. I wrote another one that was even more depressing. I deleted it before publishing. Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Lion waxed me. She made sure that I had no hair from neck to mid-thigh. When she was done, she took advantage of me being oiled and on the massage table. She gave me a handjob with an oiled finger going up my ass. I had a nice orgasm without releasing any fluid. When she was done, I went to the shower. On my way, the semen dripped out of my flaccid penis. I hate that.

It looks like my ability to ejaculate is gone. I’m still using the EMS machine regularly. It’s done a good job strengthening my pubic floor and is helping me control it more reliably. I usually go all night without needing to get up to pee. That’s a very nice outcome. I’m pessimistic that my ability to ejaculate will return. My PCP wants to refer me to a urologist. I’m not sure I want to deal with that at this point.

My friend Julie at Strict Julie Spanked has a new post about a reader whose vanilla wife learned to spank him. It’s a fun story and parallels my own. Mrs. Lion was completely vanilla when we met. I am very lucky that she was willing to learn to spank me, among other things. She’s learned very well. She says that she has no problem paddling me.

When we started, I pointed her to various websites with information on adult spanking. She read some but said that they weren’t any help. I don’t think that was because she had any negative feelings about reading kinky material. It has more to do with the fact that I asked her to read them rather than going out to learn. [Mrs. Lion — Actually, it had more to do with the fact that the writer was too gung-ho about spanking. It seemed unrealistic to me. For example, the statement “we all know how good it feels to spank a man” was a common sentiment. Well, no, we don’t all know how good it feels. Some of us will never know how good it feels. Some of us just want to know how to do it. I wanted instruction rather than hyperbole.] I can attest to the quality of her spankings. They are all memorable and very painful.

Kinky is in the eye of the beholder. I knew a woman who insisted that the only place her partner could ejaculate was in her vagina. She would do anything he wanted as long as he didn’t come. When he was close, he had to finish inside her. Not surprisingly, she had six kids. I thought that was kinky. It was good sex, but it seemed odd to me that she had such a strict rule. It wasn’t based on a religious belief. It was what she needed.

That’s the whole point about spanking. It isn’t good or bad, vanilla or kinky. It’s a sexual need. I’m very glad (now that my spanking is a few days old) that Mrs. Lion is willing to do it for me.

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  1. For Loin years ago I use to saline infusion and 1 use to klinching this is when you draw the pelvic and prostate up wards into the body 300 a day and so simple to do me do 1 to 21 then hold for 20 second then 1 to 31 hold keep this up too 51 my ejection were strong and I still practice it sometimes while Iam chasten as been 24/7.
    This one for Lioness when waxing or whenever loin is unlocked hold the srotum in a cuff hand left or right with the other just above the top of the penis circle clockwise to count of 87 change hands and go anticlockwise this allows the blood flow to grion and penis.
    Came closer to getting my Spanking but Mrs 427 needs were more greater then my bottom.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure that what you do it safe for everyone. I use a EMS machine to safely stimulate my pelvic floor muscles every day or so.

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