No Spanking Yet Again

The landlord’s son-in-law fixed our kitchen sink yesterday. We had horribly low water pressure. He switched out faucets and, magically, we have full pressure now. I blast myself every time I turn it on because I’m so used to the trickle that we had before. He was here around lunchtime, so we didn’t eat lunch. By the time Lion went for his shower, I was starving so I made dinner a little early. Yes, I forgot to spank him. Again.

After I blasted the dinner dishes clean, I tried playing with Lion. He said it felt good. I know it did because he started to get hard. And then he stopped. He still made some of his purring noises, so I kept trying. Neither one of us knows what’s going on. Why can’t he get hard? Is it him? Is it me? I think a good spanking might help. If I could just remember to do it. Lion’s idea of the spanking bench being in the bedroom where I’ll see it was a good idea at first. I think now it’s just faded into the background. I see it there, but I don’t see it anymore. I could drag it out in the middle of the room where I’d have to fall over it not to notice it, but then Lion would definitely fall over it. Maybe I’ll put a paddle on the bed. That usually reminds me.

Today is farm maintenance day. We have to drain the first two farms and replace the water. Next week, I assume, it will be the second farm’s turn. I hope it doesn’t create too much of a mess, but it probably will. It is me doing intricate work with water. Yeah. There will be a mess. The good news is that the lettuce has already grown back since the other day when I took some for a salad. Lion says he can definitely taste the difference between fresh lettuce and store-bought lettuce. He’s got a better sense of taste than I do. However, I like the way his cream filling tastes, and he doesn’t so what does he know?