Old MacLion Had a Farm


Our second farm arrived the other day and we started setting it up last night. It was pretty warm here yesterday. We hit 78. That’s a lot for our little area, especially this time of year. Between sweating and having too little light, I gave up before finishing my most hated task. They have impossibly short cables to attach the lights. I fought with them last time and trying to do it when I was hot and couldn’t see did not seem like the thing to do.

Lion was too tired for sex so we watched TV. (He was too tired before we started putting the farm together.) This morning I wrestled with the lights and they weren’t as bad this time. I told Lion they were getting easier so we should get more farms. Then I’d be a pro. I could have a side business setting up people’s hydroponic farms for them. Anyway, the water and food are in. Lion is fine-tuning the settings and I assume he’ll plant some pods in a little while.

I thought we were in for days of rain, but the temperature is up to 80 already. It rained yesterday before I could mow the dog’s lawn. It looks like it will rain again before I get out there today. It’s like Florida weather although in Florida the sun is out both before and after the rain. We’ll lose the dog before long in the high grass. It’s already hard to walk around with all the holes she’s dug hiding under the grass. I stepped in one the other day. I need to mow it soon.

Tonight, assuming we can figure out what’s for dinner, we can play Zapardy. Lion knew a lot of the answers last night. Too bad. It would have been a good night for him. Maybe tonight will too. You just can’t tell. I guess that’s one way to keep it fair. It wouldn’t be Jeopardy if all they asked were questions about presidents or Shakespeare, although sometimes it feels like it. Lion likes opera questions. Sometimes he pulls answers out of thin air. Why would he know that? Beats me. He always says he’s not a dumb Lion when he gets an answer right. I never said he was.

If Zapardy gets his motor running, I can give him his long-awaited orgasm. He’ll say waiting is harder for him than for me, but I like when he comes too. Sure, maybe it’s not as urgent a need, but I like his cream filling.