Mrs. Lion wrote about our attempt to sell our camper. A neighbor came by saying that he wondered if it was for sale. We discussed selling it with our truck as a package deal. That’s what got me moving and made me decide to place an ad on Craigslist. We got two responses so far. One was the couple who decided to pass. The other was from an obvious scam to get our home address. The neighbor is still interested, so who knows.

I haven’t been very interested in sex. I don’t know why, but Mrs. Lion is convinced it is a temporary setback. She’s usually right about those things. I’m not so sure right now. We’ll find out. Playing Zapardy often helps me refocus on sex when I’m distracted by life. I am distracted by the need to sell our truck and camper. I’m also working on a different book. I’m discouraged by the rejection letters I’ve gotten for my first one. Writing may not be my forte after all.

We don’t usually get much mail from readers. The mail contains offers to write posts or advertise products when we do. We got two from guys asking for advice on BDSM stuff like mouth-soaping and whipping in the past week. Is this a sign that our readership is shifting? For the record, we don’t answer those requests. I wonder how they find us. They probably Google the kink they want to learn about. That’s what I do. But I don’t assume the author of a post or page about the subject is open for business offering free advice. Oh well. Maybe I’m extra grumpy because I need an orgasm.

When we showed our trailer to the prospective buyers, I got nostalgic about our trips with it. I loved exploring new, wild places. Washington has wonderful state parks. One of my favorites is way up in the state’s northeast corner. It’s high in the Cascade Mountains (about 3,000 ft). There’s a beautiful lake filled with rainbow trout. A nearby quarry (also state-owned) lets you prospect for fossils. Everyone finds some. It’s the site of an ancient lake. That was a real blast. The area also has gold mines. You can’t visit one even if you promise not to take home a sample, but the signs of gold mining are everywhere. We visited some small towns across a mountain pass (7,000 ft ). We even found a little casino.

This was just one destination. It’s a long, seven-hour drive to get there. I really love that campground and the surrounding area. Maybe if we can’t sell the camper, we can take it out one last time. It’s probably not a good idea. I’m enough of a burden to Mrs. Lion when we are home to add the load of helping me on the road. Oh well. I have such great memories. [Mrs. Lion — The hardest part would be helping Lion in and out of both the truck and camper. Once he’s in, he’s fine. Of course, having to do all the driving myself would be a bummer.]


  1. Publishers are looking for books that will sell to millions. Your subject is a niche one. Personally I really enjoyed your first book. I’m happy to read your redraft or second book and offer you my thoughts if you like. But self publishing is a viable way of making money these days. I know several who do this on a regular basis.

    1. Author

      I self-published what you read last year. I was massively unsuccessful promoting it. I lost money because I did some unsuccessful advertising. That’s what made me decide to try to get an agent for this newer novel. So far, no one is even interested in reading my manuscript. It’s a very depressing experience. I think the book is good. Beta readers liked it a lot. The new book is more of a mystery-thriller. My confidence at being published is at an all-time low.

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