Sore And Stupid Lion

spanked 1

I really did it this time. I left the shower door open again only two days after a level six spanking (see “Spank-O-Meter” for details). I was shocked when Mrs. Lion told me what I did. I asked her if I was “in trouble.” That’s my code for getting spanked. I hoped that she would take pity on me. Nope. She said that I was in trouble. A little while after dinner, she got the spanking bench and invited me to ride it. It was extra painful, with lots of attention to the tender skin inside my crack. She changed paddles several times during the ten-minute beating.

At about 3 AM, I woke up. My bottom was hurting. I don’t think that awakened me, but I was painfully reminded of my carelessness. It isn’t very comfortable to sit now as I write my post. I better be very careful. With Mrs. Lion paying close attention, my bottom needs a rest. I think I’m ready for attention to my other side. I’ve been pretty horny this morning. I’m not saying it’s because I was spanked, but it might be related.

That connection between sex and spanking creates an interesting question: Am I a masochist? I don’t think so because masochists are sexually aroused by pain. I’m not aroused by being spanked. If I start with an erection, it’s gone within seconds of the start of my spanking. Yet, it’s obvious that my interest in sex goes way up the day after. There’s a connection that I don’t understand.

Based on what I’ve read, other men share this exact behavior. The idea of a spanking turns them on. Like me, they willingly get into position for it. When the spanking is delivered, they hate it and are no longer sexually aroused. As far as I can tell, this is exclusively male behavior. Women who want to be spanked usually get direct sexual stimulation from it. Part of the reason for this is that female anatomy allows the vibration from the beating to stimulate the clitoris. We males aren’t as fortunate. Not all women are turned on by spanking, but those who are, have extra fun.

I wish I could understand why something I try to avoid is also exciting to contemplate. This has always been true of me. My parents only tried to spank me once when I was a boy. I think I was nine years old. I was in my pajamas, ready for bed. I must have been acting bratty, and my mother threatened to spank me if I didn’t stop. I didn’t. She pulled down my pajama bottoms and put me over her knee. She only gave me one soft swat and stood me up. Until very recently, I couldn’t understand why she did that. I suspect I had an erection, and that embarrassed her.

The thought of being spanked has always turned me on. Even when I was a top (“dom” to you online folks), I got turned on thinking of being spanked. I had a few fellow tops who liked to switch as well. We would occasionally spank each other. Some of those spankings were almost as serious as Mrs. Lion’s. She has to be so severe to make sure that I understand my punishment isn’t supposed to be fun or arousing.

Spanking is different than the CBT that Mrs. Lion does as part of foreplay. Yes, it turns me on if it isn’t too painful, but it isn’t quite the same. It’s true that I try to convince Mrs. Lion to put away the IcyHot. I really hate it. When she uses it anyway, she can keep me hard and excited even though my balls are on fire. My pain threshold goes way up if I’m hard and aroused. This is a general truth for both men and women. Sexual arousal is a sort of anesthetic.

That makes sense. Nature wants us to complete intercourse even if it might be painful. I’m not claiming that sexual violence is covered by deadening of pain. It isn’t. Normal, loving arousal does raise pain tolerance. If you don’t believe me, try this experiment. Have a partner slap your balls harder and harder until you want them to stop. Do this unaroused and then hard. You will see that you can take much more if you’re turned on. The same experiment can be performed on women. Use nipple pinching instead of ball slapping.

A lot of BDSM is based on this principle. Arousal and pain often work together to produce a bigger, more satisfying sexual experience. My connection between arousal and spanking is strong enough to make me accept punishment spankings. Stupid lion!