Seriously, if Lion is going to keep getting into trouble, I’ll need a spanking machine. After he read my post for yesterday, he asked if he’d be spanked for interrupting. I didn’t really feel like spanking him so I told him he wouldn’t. Little did I know he’d force me to spank him anyway.

Lion was in the shower when I got done with work. He asked where I was while I was cleaning up in the kitchen. He always thinks he’s lost me if I’m not right next to him. One of the things I was left with when I was done cleaning belonged in the bathroom. And there it was. The damn shower door was open. I mean, how hard can it be? He just got spanked for doing the very same thing a few days before. He can’t blame it on the length of time since his last punishment. And he’d just written about not wanting to be spanked twice in one week. If I start punishing him for interrupting, he might get spanked twice a day. I’m not sure his buns or my arms could handle that.

Clearly, what needs to happen is more attention being paid to the rules. He said he was distracted when he came out of the shower. And? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been distracted when I get out of the shower. I’ve gotten into the habit of just hanging onto the handle and closing it as I walk through. One smooth movement. Done. Lion could do that, too. He will if he wants to save his butt.

Next time I take a picture of my handiwork, I’ll have to wipe off any blood so we get a true sense of just how red his buns are. I don’t think I opened more than three spots last night. Most of the mess was transfer. Thankfully, he doesn’t tend to bleed for very long after I stop whomping him. That may change if I have to spank him multiple times a week from now on.

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