In Need of a “Shut Up, Lion” Spanking?

Lion came out of his office after 4:30. I set up the spanking bench while he did whatever he was doing. I put the straps on him. By the time we got going, it was about 4:45. Lion said he still needed to set up the coffee pot, so I should make sure to be done in time for that. Was he really telling me to hurry up? Is it my fault he didn’t come out of his office earlier? Is it my fault he didn’t set up the coffee pot when he was out checking on his beloved tomato plants? No. He couldn’t possibly be saying any of that.

Aside from telling me the lower strap should be tighter, he also said I was hitting too hard at one point. First, he says he hasn’t felt the past few spankings for very long afterwards, and now he says I’m hitting too hard. I think he’s in need of a “shut up, Lion” spanking. Nevertheless, I backed off a bit. In the end, pun intended, I thought I whomped him harder and he’d feel it longer. No such luck. I guess I need to go back to the wooden paddles whether they cause bleeding or not. I just don’t get the same effect out of the leather ones.

After dinner, I told Lion I wanted him across the bed so I could suck him. He never moves as fast as when I tell him that. He’s like a blur. Zoom! Ready. He was quick to get hard, but it still took a while to get him really going. I swear he’s said recently that I haven’t been edging him like I used to. I know we went through a patch where I didn’t live up to my agreement of playing with him every other day. He needs more attention than that. This time around, I’ve been trying to arouse him every day. He just hasn’t been interested. He’s also been concerned about my head hurting. I won’t do it if my head hurts. If I’m offering, it means I’m good to go. I decided to edge him last night. Of course, when I was done, he said he was hoping for an orgasm. If I’d given him an orgasm, he’d have said he wanted me to edge him. Welcome to the no-win department.

Tonight, I may or may not give him an orgasm. I haven’t decided yet. I still like playing with my food.