Those Damn Rules

Before I could even consider whether I should spank Lion for forgetting the coffee pot and shower door the other day, he forgot the coffee pot again. He’s also interrupted me a few times. He thinks he knows what I’m going to say and tries to finish my sentences. Or he knows what’s best for my daughter. It would be different if he just offered an opinion, but he is the knowledge center of the world. This time I have to spank him.

He doesn’t think I’ve been spanking him as hard lately. I don’t know how to make sure every time is the same as the one before. Is there such a thing as a spank-o-meter? Maybe we should invent one. I bet there’s something like it. We just have to modify it for our purposes.

He hasn’t been very receptive to my sexual attention for the past few nights. He wants to try earlier. To accommodate that, I told him I’d spank him before his shower. That way he can soothe his sore buns with cool water. Since he wants a harder spanking, I guess it doesn’t matter if I make him bleed or not. He’ll be able to wash it right off. By the time we’re done with dinner, he should be ready for love.

He did respond a little last night. Of course, he didn’t pause the TV so how responsive could he have been? He said he didn’t think my hand would do it. I offered to suck him, but he didn’t want me to since I’ve had a headache on and off for a few days. If we wait till I feel 100%, it might be August. I say tonight’s the night. Give me a chance to see if I can get him really excited. I’m pretty sure I can. Put me in, coach.