We’ve been watching an old gameshow called “Tattletales”. It pits three celebrity couples against each other. It pits us against each other, too. Well, it doesn’t make us fight. We try to answer the questions. More often than not, we have no idea. For example, one question asked, “Who fell in love first?” How can you possibly know that? Look! It says right here, “Dear diary….” As far as I’m aware, neither of us kept diaries. I know I didn’t. I also know I fell in love with him a while before I admitted it, both to him and to myself. He can’t pinpoint when he fell in love either. I guess we didn’t win any points for that question.

Another question asked if he had changed me after we got married. Well, duh! I never whomped anyone’s butt before his. I was never in a female led relationship. Of course, they didn’t ask if the changes were for the better or not. I don’t know how I’d answer that. Is it good that I can spank him? It is for him. And I suppose it’s a skill. I may never be able to convert that skill into anything salable, but it is a skill. I have been a supervisor before. I liked being paid more but I didn’t have any real power. Even if I’d had real power, I don’t think I would have used it to punish people. Ironically, it’s not something I ever wanted to do.


I did find out something interesting about Lion. We met on lavalife.com. I knew he liked my smile in my profile picture. I did not know I was the only person he contacted. I’d been contacted by a few guys, but couldn’t find a time to meet. Since I met Lion three days after we started talking, I stopped talking to everyone else. I guess lavalife didn’t make much money off of us. Maybe someday we’ll contact them, if they still exist, and let them know how long we’ve been together thanks to their site. I’m very happy I found the site. It’s worked out very well for us.


    1. Cool! Us too. 19 years this August. That site seems to be very successful.

        1. It’s there. I used an image of the current homepage on the post.

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