While I was wondering when to give Lion his next orgasm, it crossed my mind that I might need to allow him to masturbate when I’m away for a few days. I don’t want his interest to wane. I also don’t want him to masturbate, but if it’s needed to keep his interest up, I can live with it. It’s not carte blanche. He wouldn’t be able to do it whenever he wants to. It’s a limited time offer. If I do it at all.

I’m not even sure he’d be able to masturbate. It’s been so long. I know he can get himself hard. He’s allowed to do that much. Could he get himself to the edge and stop? I trust him to be able to stop. The question is if he could get that far. Being hard and turned on is a far cry from edging and/or orgasm.

It’s also a slippery slope. If I allow him to masturbate or edge himself, would he want to do it more often, considering how many times I drop the ball and don’t pay enough attention to him? Would everything just fall apart? I don’t want to revert back to the way it was before we started male chastity. Neither of us wants that. I think Lion would refuse to masturbate rather than go back to that.

I know Lion can make it. Worst case, I’ll give him an orgasm when I get back to reset the clock and we can go from there. It’s only three days. (I’ll probably give him one anyway.) We’ll both be so glad I’m home.

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  1. No, it’s only a few days. Tell him to write a spanking story involving something he’d like you to do to him.

  2. From my own experience with male chastity and orgasm control, I would happily go without for 3 days rather than be allowed to masturbate myself. Heck, I go for 3 weeks without an orgasm these days. Occasionally 3 months.

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