Monday Morning Quarterback

I just sent Mrs. Lion the latest draft of my book for her enjoyment. Feedback from loved ones isn’t very useful. Mrs. Lion’s only feedback has been that she likes the story. Earlier drafts didn’t receive such enthusiastic reviews from the two beta readers I hired. I sent my most recent draft to two new ones. I got the report yesterday from one. It was a rave review, even stronger than Mrs. Lion. That’s encouraging.

The problem is that no agents have even asked for a copy of the manuscript so far. Generally, if there is any interest in a book, the prospective agent will ask for the manuscript. It’s a little too early to be concerned. I only started sending queries to agents with the latest and greatest content a week ago. What will I do if I discover that I am no good at writing fiction?

Here in my nonfiction world, not too much is going on. As Mrs. Lion wrote (“Date Night“), she sorta got me tied to the bed. One of the straps that connect to the bed is apparently missing. I was also able to pull loose with ease. We have to figure out how to fix that. The bigger problem was that Mrs. Lion couldn’t find a position on the bed that was comfortable for her. We used to be able to do this. Oh well, it was fun anyway.  I look forward to our next date night.

Mrs. Lion is flying east on Thursday. This will be the first time we’ve been apart in over two years. [Mrs. Lion — He forgot I flew east twice last year.] Even though it’s only three days, I’m going to miss her. We do much better when we are together. I’m very lucky to have her. Even when we have problems, they don’t get in the way of the love we share.