Nothing Happened Again

One of the hazards of writing a post here is that Mrs. Lion will read it and take it as my last word on a subject. For example, yesterday, she wrote (“Everything Old Is New Again“) that she would make a Sunday appointment for sexual activity. What I’m a little afraid to write is that I think it may be too late. I’m writing this late on Saturday afternoon. It is the third day after an orgasm. I can feel my interest in sex falling off today. By tomorrow it may feel like it is too much trouble.

What’s wrong with this is that Mrs. Lion will take the mildest negative response from me as a reason to withdraw and not even try. Here I am writing about losing interest. The odds are good that she won’t even try later or tomorrow. No matter how emphatically I say that the pump needs daily or every-other-day priming, there is always a reason it doesn’t happen. Then, I get to the point where my interest wanes, and Mrs. Lion disappears for a week or so.

The fact that sexual interest diminishes doesn’t change my desire to avoid this condition. I just don’t get it. I’m asking for less than a half-hour of lioness attention. We’ve both written about this subject for months. It doesn’t seem to matter. I’m in a sort of lose/lose situation. Every time I bring it up, a new reason for the problem emerges. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion said,

” When I moved over to snuggle, we picked a TV show to watch, and the rest is history. I let my hand wander a little bit, but nothing more. Why? I get sucked in when we start watching TV. I know we can pause it at any time. I look at the clock and think it’s too late, even though Lion’s been snoozing for a bit and sometimes that resets his ‘timer’.”

This explanation uses two reasons: The first is that I took a nap earlier. The second that a TV show was on. Mrs. Lion acknowledges that we can pause the TV at any time. She can also ask me if I’m in the mood after a nap. It doesn’t happen. I think that the real reason is that she is not interested. I’ve said it before, and I think it is true: Mrs. Lion considers sex for me as a chore. She likes to avoid chores (who doesn’t?). That’s why I think that I only get sexual attention after a week or so post-ejaculation.

This is a serious subject. It may not belong on our blog. I decided to write this post because I’m both sad and frustrated. I know from comments other men in my situation have made that it is common for sexual activity to cease when the wife loses interest. I’ve been lucky that I keep getting attention. It’s just that the attention becomes less and less frequent. Remember those restraints that Mrs. Lion wrote about? They’re still unused–just an example. By the way, she said she would make an appointment for Sunday sex. She hasn’t.

I tried to introduce the locking cock ring as a sort of reminder that sex is needed more than once every week or so. She locked it on, and it remained for five days without coming off. I developed a sore, and she removed it. I could go on and on. Didn’t a lioness mention instituting regular anal play? My point isn’t so much that she hasn’t followed through on any of this. It’s that distance is growing between us. The most obvious sign is a lack of intimacy. I’m discouraged, very discouraged. I’m considering not posting for a while.