Still Trying to Figure It Out

Lion wasn’t really in the mood last night. He was earlier in the day. We may have to go back to trying right after I get done with work. However, he usually takes a shower just before I’m off work and once he crawls into bed to get warm, he tends to snooze. There must be a sweet spot in there that will work.

He did like it when I played with my weenie. It felt good. Perhaps, just not good enough. Of course, I don’t mind making him feel good even if there’s no possibility of orgasm. After all, he doesn’t always get an orgasm when we play. Maybe he needs some clothespins or the promise (threat) of IcyHot. I’m not sure if he’s in one of his slumps or if he’s worried about his book. Either way, I’m still here. (Talk about a threat.) We can get through anything together.

A week from Thursday, I fly off to see my daughter graduate from college. It feels like I just went with her to visit the school and she’s ready to leave it. Lion will be all alone with the psycho dog. She’s been extra psycho the past few days. We may need to start her on her calming meds again, at least while I’m gone. She gets way too excited and starts jumping and scratching us. I’ll only be gone three days. I don’t want to leave Lion alone any longer. It’s difficult for him to do things on his own, but I can’t miss out on seeing the new graduate. It’s a scary and exciting time of life for her.

I still haven’t spanked Lion. He doesn’t want me to. Too bad it’s not up to him. I’m sure sooner or later he’ll step out of line and get what he deserves. I can wait. He’s hoping I’ll be waiting a very long time.